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Welcome to my Genealogy Web Page-Pierce Surname. Descendents of 
Reuben Pierce born in Edgefield Dist SC 1768 
Descendents of his son Andrew Jackson Pierce 
This is my Electronic Genealogy book presented in PDF Format
"Descendants of Captain Andrew Jackson Pierce & Nancy E Abercrombie" 
By  LD Pierce
Pierces of "GoatNeck on the Brazos River"--Cleburne, Johnson County TX. 
Andrew Jackson Pierce was born 1815 in Lumpkin, GA.
More genealogy PDF documents about him and his family on
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Much information follows below is directly from the book.
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New Info Found Nov 2002 Regarding
Descendants of Andrew Jackson Pierce's
 1st Son John R Pierce(M. Nancy J Wimpey)
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Descendants of Andrew Jackson Pierce

1. Andrew Jackson2 Pierce (Jack) (Reuben1
was born July 16, 1815 in Hall Co., GA, and died May 20, 1892 in Johnson Co., TX   http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=71578358

 He married Nancy Emaline Abercrombie July 02, 1837 in Lumpkin, GA Cherokee GA, daughter of John Abercrombie and Fannie Cavender. She was born April 28 1820, in GA, and died April 28, 1878, in Johnson County TX.  Both AJ & Nancy Pierce are buried in the Pierce Cemetery at Goatneck, Joshnson County TX. See Cemetery and GoatNeck Pages. Photos (taken 1999) of their tombstones are located on the cemetery page.  From obituary of him: he and his wife had born to them eleven children, five sons and six daughters.   2nd wife of Andrew Jackson Pierce Sarah Bilbo Pierce Dyer They were married for 10 years prior to his death in 1892.  pdf file Sarah Dyer  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=131562708   Sara Dyer and Her Husband AJ Dyer were involved in 2 lawsuits concernning AJ Pierces land and the land that Nancy Abercrombie (her own land which she left to her children.)  The first was appealed.  I need attorney to tell me if it was over turnedl    see pdf files below regarding the lawsuit; very interesting reading  see clem pierce page I now have list of many land transactions>


Andrew jackson pierce 2nd wife dyer.pdf


xls-files/aj pierce land deeds johnson county main.xlsx

AJ Pierce also had big lawsuit over nighbor killing a hog or some hogs. 

pdffiles/aj-pierce-lawsuit-hog.pdf   for some reason the pdf pages on the hog lawsuite are reversed.  the last page is at the top and the first page is at the bottom

photo possible letter from aj pierce to civil war general. My cousin genealogist Dan Pierce in Calfiornia has examined this letter and thinks it is our AJ Pierce

I found info in Johnson County History book  Andrew Jackson Pierce ran for County Clerk
1850 Johnson County Tx. He was not elected. the Pierce Wagon yard was located next to the Cleburne jail and Johnson County Court House. David Zacharias Pierce was Sherriff at the time Johnson County first sheriff. Clem Pierce Stated that Dave and Quill Pierce were his Cousins. they are descended from the Hugh Pierce VA family. Quill eventually settled Crosbyton Tx area. Shirlene Love remembers my GGGrandfather Peg Leg Pierce and talk of him in their family as a relative.  http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth46829/  A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas. Lewis Publishing 1898

     Date:   09 JUL 1860
     Place:   Canton, Wild Cat District, Cherokee County, Georgia

     Date:   07 OCT 1850

  1860 U.S. Census, Cherokee County, GA, Wildcat Dist,p. 796, A.J. Pierce.

Other Information:     Birth Year <1817>      Birthplace SC      Age 63      Occupation Farmer      Marital Status W <Widowed>    Race W <White>      Head of Household Jack PIERCE   Relation Self   Father's Birthplace SC   Mother's Birthplace SC 1880 hill county tx census

  Other Information:     Birth Year <1820>      Birthplace ENG      Age 60      Occupation At Home      Marital Status W <Widowed>    Race W <White>      Head of Household Walter S. PLUNKETT   Relation Mother   Father's Birthplace ENG   Mother's Birthplace ENG 
Susie PLUNKETT Household     Female    
  Other Information:     Birth Year <1859>      Birthplace TX      Age 21      Occupation At Home      Marital Status S <Single>    Race W <White>      Head of Household Walter S. PLUNKETT   Relation Dau <Daughter>   Father's Birthplace NC   Mother's Birthplace ENG     hill county census 1880
  Source Information:     Census Place E.D. 111, McLennan, Texas 

Walter S. PLUNKETT Household     Male    
  Other Information:     Birth Year <1845>      Birthplace TX      Age 35      Occupation Grocer Merchant      Marital Status M <Married>    Race W <White>      Head of Household Walter S. PLUNKETT   Relation Self   Father's Birthplace NC   Mother's Birthplace ENG 

 Abercrombie: Several different branches of the family are known. Among these are: Robert Abercrombie, born 1715 in Scotland, who came to the area now known as Orange County, North Carolina. He was the father of Charles and Robert Abercrombie, who migrated to Hancock County, Georgia and whose family later moved to Russell County, Alabama. Among their descendants was James Smither Abercrombie (1891-1975) the oilman of Houston, Texas. My grandfather LD always told me his grandmother was related to the Houston group.

Obituary of Andrew Jackson Pierce 
dated 24 May 1892 Johnson County Texas:

"Mr. A.J. Pierce died at his home May 20, and was buried in the family Cemetery, by the side of his former wife [Nancy E Abercrombie]. He was born in Hall County, Georgia. July 15, 1815, and so was 77 years old. In 1866, after losing all his property, because of the war, He moved to Texas and settled in, what was then in the Wild West. He settled and improved the farm in Johnson County, in 1866 on which he died. In early life he married and he and his wife had born to them eleven children, five sons and six daughters. Three of their sons and six of their daughters are still living. There are of his descendents, forty-five grand children and twenty great grand children. Mr. Pierce was a member of the Baptist church. He loved his family and friends. He was bold and fearless in the expression of his option and never deceived anyone. He leaves a wife [Sarah Ann Elizabeth Bilbo] and many friends to mourn him. The family has the sympathy of this community, but the hope and trust sustains us that when life's parting comes, that beyond the fleeting dust the severed links are gathered home and God, in love and patient care, will reunite them over there."


Thse New insertions from John Hemstra of CA descendant of Sarah Bilbo Pierce Dyer 2nd wife of AJ Pierce  Another obituary is also given at the same site.  It has some factual errors but adds some interesting details:

Old Settler Dead. Capt. A. J. Pierce died at his home on Friday Last. His home nestled in the timber overlooking the Brazos. He was born in Hale (Hall) county, Georgia on the 16th of July 1815. His home was under the shade of mountains where their peaks kiss his new home above. He was one who lived to love a friend, his friends. He feared no enemy. In 1851 Capt. Pierce went to California. He was there when the golden gates were opened to the outside world. He came to Johnson County in 1866. He selected his home where the bluff banks of the Brazos reminded him of his Native hills. He has gone to his grave. He leaves behind forty-five grand children and twenty great grand children. Two of his boys fell in battle, and sleep under the soil of their native state. His aged wife, who was before she took his name, Nancy C Abercrombie [an error, it was Sarah AE Bilbo who was his wife at the time of his death], lives to mourn his going. Their Children, C.A. Pierce, L.D. Pierce, Mrs. G.W. Pierce and Mrs. Roddie [Rhoda] Wilbanks are here to mourn the loss of a father and friend. We write this only as a token of respect to him who is one of our mourned dead. May the youngest of his great grand children only live to emulate his example."

Comments: I cannot find any record of military service and thus have no idea where he got the rank �Capt�.  The first (and more accurate obit) makes no mention of his travel to California or return from there to Texas.

These two obituaries contain at least one bit of conflicting information. The first names His wife as Nancy C Abercrombie and states she was living. The second states he was buried beside his former wife, but also states that he is survived by his wife. I believe he was married only once and this to Nancy Abercrombie.  (in this case Dorman was incorrect)
(This analysis furnished by my cousin
Dorman Thomas of Arl, TX) 
Mrs. G. W. Pierce is listed as a child, while in fact she would have been a daughter-in-law since G. W. was a son who survived until 1896. It is Probably that Capt. Andrew Jackson Pierce "JACK" went to the California gold rush with his other brothers in the 1850's. We have not records of this except as is stated in the Obituary above.
July 1999 Additional Note I feel that AJ Pierce might have remarried after Nancy Abercrombie's death in 1878. The conflicts presented in the two obituaries above still present me with another mystery to solve!

Pre Robertson Colony and more Phillip Nolan Information

The Phillip Nolan Expedition. See Joel J Pierce Mystery
It was at this height of Spanish xenophobia regarding individuals from the newly independent Confederation of American States that the first Texas filibustering expedition from the east of historic note occurred in the period from 1791 to 1800 with disastrous results. Phillip Nolan, born in Belfast, Ireland in 1771 and a resident of Kentucky in 1789. Nolan was a student of James Wilkinson, a self-serving political and economic opportunist of the period with influential contacts at all levels of the governments of New Spain and the USA. Nolan was interested in the vast herds of horses that roamed Texas and filling the void for working ranch horses that existed in Louisiana with the growing cattle industry which itself had been exported from Texas. Nolan, who carried papers approved by the highest levels of Texas officials, in his numerous trips to Texas between 1791 and 1799 in which he delivered several thousand head of Texas mustangs to buyers in the east became suspected of a spy for Wilkinson and his associates. Despite his awareness of the suspicions of both governor Manuel Gayoso de Lemos in Natchez, Governor Munoz of Texas and Commandant Nava, Nolan entered Texas in 1800 with 25 associates, crossed the Trinity River and built a corralling station for mustangs on the Brazos River. Governor Juan Bautista de Elguezabal authorized the commander Manuel Muzquiz at Nacogdoches to arrest Nolan and encountered Nolan and associates in Mar 1821 near Blum in current Hill County, Texas. In the confrontation that followed, a cannonball killed Nolan, and his men surrendered. Eight Nolan associates were forced to roll dice, the lowest number of which was to be executed for resisting the king�s soldiers. A man named Ephraim Blackburn rolled a four and was hanged in Chihuaha in 1807. Joel J Pierce who was also imprisoned, died later in the Mexican prison from an unidentified illness.

From: Robertsons Colony in TX by Dr. Malcolm D. McLean Internet

Early Settlements

UPPER COLONY (1831-1834). The former Nashville Colony area was referred to as the Upper Colony from 1831 to 1834, but during That period Austin & Williams failed to get a land commissioner appointed, so they did not issue a single land title to actual settlers However, they did sell permits to non-resident speculators to locate huge grants in that area. These grants, totaling 1,459,155 acres, later became involved in lawsuits and delayed the settling of Central Texas for many, many years. On May 22, 1834, the governor cancelled the Austin & William�s contract, insofar as it affected the Nashville Colony, and awarded a new contract to Sterling Clack Robertson as empresario. After that the area was called Robertson's Colony.

(Austin & Williams did get a decree passed on May 18, 1835, returning the colony to them, but it turned out that the legislature did not have a constitutional quorum present when that decree was passed.) . From: Robertsons Colony in TX by Dr. Malcolm D. McLean Internet


ROBERTSON'S COLONY (1834-1835). 
The decree of May 22, 1834, awarding the colony to Robertson confirmed the boundaries as they had been defined in the Nashville Company's contract of October 15, 1827. Beginning at the point where the road from B�xar (San Antonio) to Nacogdoches, known as "the Upper Road," crossed the Navasota River, a line was to be run along that road on a westerly course, to the heights which divided the waters of the Brazos and Colorado Rivers; thence on a northwest course along that watershed tothe northernmost headwaters of the San Andr�s River (Little River), and from the said headwaters, northeast on a straight line, to the belt of oaks extending on the east side of the Brazos, north from the Hueco (Waco) Village, known as the "Monte Grande" ("Great Forest"), and in English as "the Cross Timbers," and from the point where that line intersected the Cross Timbers, on a southeast course along the heights between the Brazos and Trinity rivers, to the headwaters of the Navasota, and thence down the Navasota, on its righthand or west bank, to the point of beginning. That included all or part of the 17 counties listed above, under Leftwich's Grant, plus the 13 additional counties shown under the Nashville Colony, constituting an area 100 miles wide, beginning at the San Antonio- Nacogdoches Road and extending northwest up the Brazos for 200 miles, centering around Waco In that 1834 session of the legislature, Robertson was recognized as the empresario of the colony, and he was to introduce the rest of the 800 families into the colony before April 29, 1838. Each family that dedicated itself solely to farming was to receive one LABOR (177.1 acres) of land; those who also engaged in ranching were to receive an additional SITIO (1 league, or 4,428.4 acres) . Single men were to receive 1/4 league (1,107.1 acres). For each 100 families introduced, Robertson was to receive 5 leagues and 5 labors (or a total of 23,027.5 acres) of premium lands. William H. Steele was appointed Land Commissioner of the Nashville (or Robertson) Colony on May 24, 1834, and he appointed John Goodloe Warren Pierson as Principal Surveyor, on September 17, 1834. The capital of the colony was laid out at the Falls of the Brazos (near present Marlin, Texas) and named Sarahville de Viesca: "Sarah" for Empresario Robertson's mother, Sarah (Maclin) Robertson, who had loaned him the money for the project, and "Viesca" for Agustin Viesca, the Mexican official who was presiding over the state legislature when it granted the contract to Robertson. All the Robertson Colony land grants were issued in Viesca, Texas.

The first land title was issued on October 20, 1834, but all the colonial land offices were closed, by the Provisional Government of Texas, on November 13, 1835, because of the outbreak of the Texas Revolution, thus preventing Robertson from completing the full quota of 800 families. However, according to a ruling handed down by the Supreme Court of the State of Texas, in December of 1847, Robertson was given credit for having introduced a total of 600 families. Following the Texas Revolution, the Robertson Colony area was broken up to form all or part of the thirty present-day Texas counties, which have been listed under Leftwich's Grant and the Nashville Colony. . From: Robertsons Colony in TX by Dr. Malcolm D. McLean Internet

In 1865 after Sherman's March to the sea, the Pierces migrated to Hill County. They had originally settled some 20 miles north of present day Waco TX before moving to Bosque County (now Johnson County-used to be Hill County) to a crooked stretch of the river they named "Goatneck" near present day Cleburne, TX. Little is know of those early years.

I am researching the land titles to the Pierce Ranch to determine how they obtained land from the former Robertson's Colony. (the Robertson's Colony ceased to exist as a colony when Mexico declared their independence in 1836)
Lester Jones found some deeds in Hill County Regarding land transactions between LD Pierce and the Lotts.  July 1999 I now know much more about C.A. Pierce (Clem) and will be investigating his ranch and the deeds in Johnson County.  I also plan to get a copy of his will. CA Pierce was one of the original land grant owners of Johnson County.

 I had heard stories that Jack could stay gone years at a time and that Nancy Pierce drank, chewed tobacco, and cussed like a man. They built a log cabin on the Brazos. It was later stuccoed over heavily and was torn down by the current owners in 1997. The Johnson County Historical Society tried to have it saved, but it was beyond repair due to termites etc. The Pierce cemetery is located on the adjoining land.

Johnson County was named for Middleton T. Johnson (1810-1866), native of South Carolina, for 7 terms an Alabama legislator, a leading Texan after 1840. Served in 9th Texas legislature; in Texas Rangers, Mexican War, Civil War. Settlement began under the auspices of Robertson's colony. In the 1840s the northern half of the county was included in the Peters colony and the southern half in the Mercer colony. The County created and organized 1854, from land earlier in counties of Ellis, Hill and Navarro. First county seat, Wardville, 1854-1856. Second was Buchanan, 1856-1867. Camp Henderson, at famous springs 3.5 miles southeast of Buchanan, a recruiting place in county during civil war, in 1867 it was made county seat and renamed in honor of a confederate general Patrick Cleburne. Had Wood Picnic grounds was used after the 1854 start of Camp Henderson (named for land-owner-townsite donor) for decisive public meetings. In 1867 Camp Henderson became the county seat. The men at 4th of July picnic here name town "Cleburne" for civil war commander of many local veterans. Located in an area of Johnson County's earliest settlement, Rio Vista was founded on the railroad in 1885. The town site, which affords views of both Nolan River and Mustang Creek, was given the Spanish name for "River View". Johnson county's second seat of government. (Wardville, just west of Nolan River, at U.S. 67, was first). Buchanan, named for president-elect of the United States, was founded in December 1856 on 60-acre townsite donated by John P. Bailey. A jail (first for the county) and office for the district clerk were built 1858. But lack of a reliable water supply hindered town's growth. Later resurvey of county lines showed necessity for a new site. In 1867, camp Henderson (renamed Cleburne, July 4, 1867) was chosen. Cemetery is only remaining trace of Old Buchanan townsite from Texas Archives internet web site.

"The Brazos Valley was one of the first communities in part of what is now Johnson County. In the early 1850's a few settlers came to live among a few friendly Indians. Geographically it is an area starting at the NE corner of GOATNECK Community (near the old Pierce Ranch)".....Johnson County History Book pg. 83  See GoatNeck page for this story full length.

Old Cattle Trails: The Chisholm Trail: At Kimball crossing this trail entered Hill County Where drovers rested and reshod horses at Towash and Fort Graham, and then forded the Nolan River into Johnson county passing through the large ranch owned by Clem and LD Pierce (now known as present day GoatNeck). This community was also called Freeland, and was settled as early as 1856.

" There were several big Ranches in the area: Cameron, Pierce Willingham, Mertz, and others, with many more across the river in what is now Hood and Somervell Counties" from:..Johnson County History Book C406 about Freeland

Log House Memorials
by Vilola Block Johnson County History book page 257 "Two old log houses in the Freeland Community in western Johnson County are memorials to the sturdy pioneers who build them. Although both have been covered over in recent years it proves that this type of house was built to last. Southeast on the Brazos River is the old Jack "Uncle Jackie" Pierce log cabin, which was overlaid with stucco in 1933 or 1934 (by the Peabody's who bought the ranch. Editor, LD Pierce) The bottomland between the house and the river was cleared for crops by Negro Slaves. A huge bluff on the river was walled up by the Negroes for their abode. (editors note: this bluff was bulldozed in 1996) Albert Crook's fathers once worked for Jack Pierce and the Crook Family lived here in this old house. He said the Negroes continued to live under the bluff long after the Civil War, and that it was no trouble to see where their cooking fires were built. Floods on the river finally undermined the bluff so completely that it caved off, and now there is no evidence left of the early home of the Negroes. Many of them are buried along with the Pierce family in the Cemetery north of the house. There is only one large rock tombstone in this Cemetery, which contains about 20 graves." Johnson Co. History Book

Pierce Cemetery

Pierce Cemetery Located at GoatNeck on the BrazosJohnson County TX (Cleburne) Located at GoatNeck not far from Goatneck community center on private property owned by Dyer but Deeded to Pierce Heirs.

Surveyed June 1996 by LD Pierce, Dallas TX. eztone@hotmail.com . Write or email for directions to this cemetery.

Andrew Jackson Pierce (born 1815 Lumpkin GA) and his wife Nancy Emaline Abercromnbie (Pierce) are buried in the Pierce family in the Cemetery north of the old Pierce log cabin (torn down in 1996). This part of the Old Pierce ranch with the Cemetery is now owned by Dyer but deeded to pierce heirs. The Cemetery is approximately one acre There is one very large tombstone marking AJ�s and Nancy's graves. There is one other cement tombstone listing Jessie Pierce (Clem Pierce and Mollie Gordons daughter) plus several flat native stone head and foot markers. They are buried edgeways with no identification. The cemetery used to be completely fenced with Cast Iron, but it has been torn down. The cemetery was almost completely covered by overgrowth in 1996 but Lester Jones; the Elder of the Andrew Jackson Pierce descendents paid to have most of the growth cut down. A gravel company excavated a large hold in search of gravel within 15 feet of the graves and left the hole open. The company went bankrupt and the hole is still there. Floods have washed even closer to the Cemetery, and needs to be filled in or the entire Cemetery will wash out soon. There is only one large rock tombstone in this Cemetery, which contains about 20 graves. Viola Block noted historian of Johnson County TX states that many of AJ;s and and Nancy's Negro slaves (freed) are also buried in the cemetery. Andrew Jackson Pierce died in 1892.


"Andrew Jackson Pierce moved to Texas in 1866 some twenty miles from Waco, and moved to Johnson County in 1869. Not legible I think it reads had six boys and six girls. Both are buried in the old homestead Cemetery in Johnson County." From Wilbanks bible-from Margaret Evans Spearman TX.

It seems that George Washington Pierce had migrated to the Brazos River area first, and Andrew Jackson, LD and Rhoda came in 1869. Lester Jones relates the story to me that: "George had come to TX after getting out of the Civil war, and he had gotten into a fight and knocked the man down, hitting his head on the corner of a porch and he died. He ran off to Texas to avoid charges. He later returned to face charges and was acquitted." Lester Jones heard from his mom that the family spent as much as one year in Little Rock AR on the journey to Hill and Johnson Counties.

Journal November 1 1998

My researching has finally led me to locate Herbert E Blackstock, formerly of Johnson County now living in Pecos, TX. He is 86 years old. It was he that wrote many of the history and stories about the Pierces that appear in the Johnson County History Book. He remembered all the stories his dad used to tell him about the Pierces. You can never imagine his surprise when I call out of the blue one Sunday morning and announced my name as "LD Pierce" he was quite surprised!! He grew up in the Cleburne and GoatNeck area, and his dad grew up there. He says they were living in GoatNeck before the Peterson's arrived. He thinks this was around 1860 same time as the Pierces arrived. His Uncle Frank Long was Sheriff of Johnson County. He remembered the story of LD Pierce's son who was killed and threw down in the water well. The family did not know anything about it till they notice the smell in the drinking water and found the body. They never found out anything about who killed that son or why he was killed. Herbert could not remember the son's name. Herbert recalls that the well is still there, and that it was covered by a huge flat rock with a hole in the center. A small stone wall had been built up around the well with the rock on top. The last time he was at the Pierce Ranch he could not find the rock and the well was all caved in. He recalls that the Pierces "came from Mississippi to Johnson County soon after the civil war" and that Clem Pierce owned much land before LD Pierce arrived. LD Pierce owned a huge tract of land that today is known as GoatNeck (all the land around the GoatNeck Community Center) LD Pierce came to the land on the Brazos and his freed slaves traveled with him, and worked for him on the ranch. They were known with the last name Pierce also. He had heard there were as many as 20 freed slaves. LD Pierce built the old log house, which was described by both Herbert Blackstock and Mrs. Viola Block. Pierce Crossing on the Brazos River was close by the Old Log House. He recalls that the description of GoatNeck included land from Fishtrap Crossing to Bluff Mills and Bee Mountain and Back to the north crossing. Part of that area used to be in Hill and Bosque Counties. Herbert says he has an extra copy of the first edition of the Johnson County History Book, and will autograph it and give it to July 1999 at the GoatNeck Reunion. Update July 29, 1999 I missed the June GoatNeck Reunion, as unfortunately Herbert Blackstock had told me it was the 3rd Sunday of July. I really hated missing him but hope to see him next year.  I might go to visit him in Pecos, TX, as soon as possible as I understand he is not in good heath. 
Nov 1 1998 Updated July  21,1999

Letter from Allen Pierce to Eddie Force May 1980

George Pierce died at Cisco Texas. He died when Ola Dell was a baby. I don't know what year it must have been between 1893 and 1895. I have not idea where Bertha was born. She married and her husband went through with most of her property. Uncle Clem Pierce went to Cisco to get the 3 girls & brought them to Johnson County TX, where he raised Olla Dell and Mattie. Bertha your Grandmother lived with her uncle LD (Lorenzo Dowell). That was my dad. I have heard of the man's name that Ola married but I have forgot. Jack Pierce married Nancy Abercrombie. I don't know where she is buried, but I believe in Johnson Co. Jack Pierce died 1891 or 1892, he is buried close to his old farm in Johnson County TX. When the Pierces moved to Texas there was just Jack and Nancy's family. I will try to name the kids and don't know which was oldest. George and Clem came first. Then Grandmother and children, Rhoda Dad and LD. Uncle George's first wife Mollie (this is in error Mollie was Clem's wife LDP Editor) and cousins came later. Aunt Jane the oldest girl married and stayed in GA. The Pierces settled on the Brazos River 20 miles NW from Waco TX. They stayed there 3 years then went to Johnson County TX. Uncle George Moved to Cisco, TX. I am not much help-I know-but the older Pierces were rough and had to be.
Signed--Allen Pierce, Spearman Texas.

Journal July 7, 1999. I went back out to Goatneck and took the of Andrew  and Nancy Pierce's tombstone.  Jessie Pierces tombstone has been broken in half for many years and is located on the C.A. Pierce page. I Did get a good photograph of it. On the Pierce Cemetery Page are the photos of the Pierce tombstone and the cemetery area.  In the photo first photo if you notice directly to the left of the large tombstone about 5-6 ft is a smaller stone.  There are two of these. The one that is visible is Nancy Pierce's. There is another for AJ about 4 ft to the left of hers.  I did not get a good photo of his secondary stone. I was able to verify Nancy's death date as April 28, 1878. AJ's death date remains May 20, 1892. The side of the stone on which AJ's inscription is placed, is very light, and I was unable to get a photo of it.  I am going to take a non permanent  black magic marker to fill in the cuts next time I am out there( to get a photograph of the inscription). Also soon I am also going to make "rubbings" of the inscriptions using charcoal. Lester Jones, one of the eldest of the Pierce family, remembers that in the 1960's there were 20 or so flat stones.  These are currently piled around a  the base of a tree nearby.  The large hole has not washed any closer to the cemetery and graves.  I feel that the next big flood in the region will wash out to the point where I was standing, when I took the photo below---or even closer.  Unfortunately the big hole, and wash area is now filled with unsightly trash and rubbish.

While taking the photos I did meet Herbert Blackstock's brother at the GoatNeck Community Center.  At this meeting I found out I had missed the GoatNeck Reunion due to a mix of up dates.

Directions:  The basic directions to get out there from Cleburne are this:
1.  Take Henderson towards Glen Rose.  Past the Hospital and the Hwy 67 merge.  A few miles down Hwy 67 you make a left hand turn at the Elks Club. this is State Rd 1434.  Going 10 or more miles when you see Ormsby Ranch and signs and the goatneck sign turn left. Take this road 4-5 miles till it dead ends, turn right, and make an endless series of left and right turns till you find it!
Ha-Ha! Hanson Ln is located on county road 1240A. The Goatneck Community Center is located on County Road 1117.  I do not have an accurate map.

July 21, 1999:  Spoke with Doris Lanfears of the Johnson County Cemetery Association.  She went out to GoatNeck and survey the Pierce Cemetery with the County Comissioner.  They have determined that the cemetery is not in a flood area, and should not wash out any more.  That is a relief.  She has also begun preparations to get rid of all the brush in the cemetery area.  In the fall or winter of 1999 she has plans to get the cemetery complete marked off and fenced.  I am planning to go with her to the cemetery in the fall, and she will bring equipment to locate graves, get them counted, ect.  We also hope to find more buried headstones, ect.  I sent her three copies of my book. One for herself, and she is donated one to the Alverado and Johnson County Libraries.

Children of Andrew Jackson Pierce and Nancy E. Abercrombie. From obituary of Jack Pierce: he and his wife had born to them eleven children, five sons and six daughters. One Obituary States 10 children; (Also, on the 1850 census of Lumpkin Co., GA, the family of Andrew and Nancy Pierce includes a 2 year old son named James.  I would assume that he is a child of theirs that died young. Dan Pierce)  2nd wife of Andrew Jackson Pierce Sarah Bilbo Pierce Dyer They were married for 10 years prior to his death in 1891    pdf file Sarah Dyer Sara Dyer and Her Husband AJ Dyer were involved in 2 lawsuits concernning AJ Pierces land and the land that Nancy Abercrombie (her own land which she left to her children.)  The first was appealed.  I need attorney to tell me if it was over turnedl 


Jessie Wilbanks
Also, according to deed records in Johnson Co., he sold 80 acres to A. J. Pierce  of the J. C. Williams survey on Nov. 7, 1886.  Recorded in Book 34, p309 click here for link


Rhoda Ann Pierce Wilbanks family Bible records
Andrew Jackson Pierce and Nancy Emaline Abbercrumbie were united in the holy bonds of matrimon in Cherokee County Georgia A.D. 1838 Moved to Texas from  Georgia in 1866 settled in McLennan County Texas  20 miles west of Waco Texas remained there 3 years then settled in Johnson
Co. Tx in 1869. Both are buried on the old homestead in Johnson Co. Tex.  6 boys and ???? girls were born.

John R. Pierce born 1838 Lumpkin , GA; died 1863-1864 R Road Montgomery. Md. Nancy J Wimpey.  1838 Lumpkin County, GA  marr. 23-02-1858 Lumpkin County,  GA 

New Info found 2002 and MORE 2012 New Descendants
Chuck & Brenda Pierce of Alpharetta!!
38 Lumpkin County, GA  marr. 23-02-1858 Lumpkin County,  GA

George Washington Pierce, born January 01, 1841 in Lumpkin Co., GA; died September 30, 1896 in Cisco, TX (Eastland County) at 55 years of age. Buried Oakwood Cemetery. He married Nora I. Daniels bf. 1889

Clemeth Pierce was born 1842 in Lumpkin, Co., GA. Died 1907 Johnson CO, TX He married (1) Altha White. He married (2) Mollie Gordon, October 26, 1875. 2012 Contact with Clem Pierce Descendant of Mossey Pierce.

Elizabeth Jane Pierce, born 1844 in Lumpkin Co., GA.  married DAVID LUMPKIN PUTMAN in Cherokee County, Georgia on December 15, 1859. (he was born December 16, 1834).Died last name Garrison Nov 19 1924 Carthage, Panola, Texas, buried Oddfellows Cemetery. They had five children. He died January 1, 1873 from wounds received during the War. In the 1880 census of Cherokee County finds Gerry David Price who married Lumpkin's widow, Jane Pierce Putman and has four of her children in that household.  (new descendants found Debbe Martin and Nancy Bray 2012)

Andrew J Pierce, born August 07, 1847 in Lumpkin Co., GA;

Vicatiams M. Pierce, born 1851 in Lumpkin Co., GA.  PDF Note File
Vicatiams M. Pierce
, born 1851 in Lumpkin Co., GA.   Lou Vicie PIERCE , b. 14 Oct 1854 in Georgia,(daughter of and Nancy ABERCROMBIE), census 1920 in Ahsahka District (Clearwater) ID, census 1920 in Gifford (Nez Perce) ID, census 1930 in Lewiston (Nez Perce) ID, census 1940 in Lewiston (Nez Perce) ID, d. 21 Mar 1943 in Lewiston (Nez Perce) ID,7,8 buried in Normal Hill Cemetery, Lewiston (Nez Perce) ID.8      On the 1860 census her name appears to be Vicatiams M. Pierce and age 10 years old.  Although the age is off, the name Vicatiams appears to be a form of Vicy and the enumerater probably misunderstood the name. 

Name: M. L. Wright
Spouse: Luvicy Pierce
Marriage Date: 13 Jul 1871
Marriage Place: Johnson, Texas, USA

Nancy Emaline Pierce, born February 15, 1852 in Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., GA; buried In Caty Cemetery She married James Madison Conn.

Lorenzo D (L.D.) Pierce, born January 26, 1856 in Cherokee Co., GA Near Rome GA; died 1923 in Spearman, TX. He married (1) Aqua Ora Finley. He married (2) Susanna Pluckett.

Fanny Pierce, born 1858 in Cherokee Co., GA. NEW INFO  June 2015.

Rhoda Ann (Roddie) Pierce, born April 19, 1862 in Cherokee Co., GA (Rome??); died November 25, 1941 in Spearman,Hansford Co., TX. She married Allen Mansel (Mannie) Wilbanks May 24, 1877

James Pierce  1848 Lumpkin County The 1850 census of Lumpkin Co., GA, the family of Andrew and Nancy Pierce includes a 2 year old son named James.  I would assume that he is a child of theirs that died young. Dan Pierce

Misc Notes-LD- PIERCE- OCT-1- 2012.pdf

Dna Test April 6 2011 Letter from Dan Pierce April 20 2011


Regarding Reuben Pierce (b. 1768 SC), several researchers had ascribed him as being the progenitor of many of the Pierces in Hall County, GA (and surrounding counties) - including not only our Group KK, but also the group of siblings that we refer to as Dorman Thomas� line, represented by ID XXXXX (Group X).


I made contact with LD on the internet back in 1998.  He put me in touch with Dorman Thomas who was researching the Pierces in Hall County, GA.  After extensive research and correspondence over the next year, Dorman and I came to the conclusion that there were are least two separate groups of Pierce siblings living in northwest Hall County Georgia during the same time period, and that this Reuben Pierce could be directly connected to only one of those groups of siblings.  We both agreed that he was most likely the ancestor of my line of Pierces (which turns out to be Group XXXX) and not Doman�s line (Group X).  We had supposed that there was probably some connection between them a couple generations back in South Carolina.  However, the DNA has proven that there is no connection, which validates our research that these were two separate groups of Pierce siblings.


Based on the 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850 census, we can only account for Reuben Pierce having 5 sons and 1 daughter.  The 1800 and 1810 census of Georgia does not exist � however, based on tax rolls we know that Reuben Pierce was in Georgia by 1809.  Reuben was old enough that he may have been married before and had other children, but we have no evidence of that.


I am confident of my lineage back to Wilson Pierce b. 1811 GA, and LD is confident of his lineage back to Andrew Jackson Pierce b. 1815 GA.  Although we do not have conclusive proof that Reuben is that father of Wilson and Andrew J. (he is actually old enough to be their grandfather), there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence that points to a very close relationship between them (as well as with Sampson Pierce b. 1804 SC), and really no contradictory evidence.  If he is not their father, he raised them.  It also seems likely that George Washington Pierce b. 1810-1820, and Wiley Pierce b. 1806 SC were the other two males in Reuben�s household.  We have one good candidate for the female child in Reuben�s household.


So our research indicated that LD and I were descended from a common ancestor.  However, we expected to be related to other Pierces who had lived in north Georgia in the early 1800s.  When I got my DNA results and did not match to anyone, this presented a problem � was I actually a Pierce by blood?  Matching to LD was important for me.  Now I know that we have a common Pierce ancestor who was born before 1800 (my ancestor Wilson was born 1811 and LD�s ancestor Andrew J. was born 1815).  So the DNA results show that both LD and I are Pierces by blood, and that our research is good so far.  If Reuben is not the father of Wilson and Andrew J., he is either their grandfather or uncle who raised them.  But at this point I think we have to assume he is their father.


We do have connections with descendants of the Sampson Pierce line and I hope to get someone to have their DNA tested.


Also, the George Washington Pierce line has been frustrating.  We know he was married with children in 1840, but he completely disappears after that.  However, there was a simple statement in a book of a related family that his family was in Arkansas in 1891 � although no reference to the source.  Recently I have done a lot a research trying to track him down, and I believe I have now found his wife and children in Arkansas.  I have recently been in touch with a male Pierce who I believe is a descendant of this George Washington Pierce.  Now that we have our DNA match, I am going to try to get him to participate.


Dan Pierce

Glendale, CA



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