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 Pierce-Wilbanks Family Reunion
3rd Sunday June Goatneck Texas 

Reprint of
The Story of Aunt Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks
daughter of Capt. Andrew Jackson Pierce
A Biography of  Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks wife of Manny (Allen Mansel) Wilbanks
Written Susan Pierce Dacus Allen 1940  See her web page with photos and poetry 
She also wrote Biography of Aunt Susan Bowen Wilbanks
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AM "Manny Wilbanks" and wife Rhoda Pierce
click on the photo to see larger image

See Biography of Susan Bowden Wilbanks 
Also written By Susie Pierce Dacus Click Here
She married Floyd Wilbanks brother to Allen Mansel Wilbanks

Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks 
was a sister to my great great grandfather  LD Pierce Sr. (Peg Leg)
see Wilbanks Pages Click Here and
Wilbanks Photo Pages  Click here

The document mentions the Pierce family  and the Wilbanks family a lot as they were cousins
by marriage (2 ways) and were neighbors. It covers  lot of the early History
of Hansford County and  time during which the Pierces and Wilbanks 
moved from Johnson County TX to Hansford County TX in 1903-1906.
 Rhoda Pierce (LD Pierce's sister) married Allen Mansel Wilbanks. 
 Allen Mansel was a son of Hiram Wilbanks and Permelia Hale

Editors Note:  This is the first Publication of This Book outside of
 the small limited run of 4 or 5 copies that were manually produced in 
1940 or 1942 by my Aunt Susie Dacus.  Reprinted 
here with Permission of Susan Pierce Dacus family. 
Copyright February 2000 

I love my Great Aunt Susie Pierce Dacus Greatly
but I have great sorrow (genealogy wise)
that in 1940s when she was interviewing 
Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks
she did not find out who was the father and mother
 and grandfather  grandmother of 
Andrew Jackson Pierce 

other formats will be available soon 
(pdf printable and web page versions)

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The Story of Aunt Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks
Written Susan Pierce Dacus Allen 1940
This reprint begins with the start of the manuscript.
I have not yet got the Title Page, Preface, etc scanned yet:  Editor LD Pierce Feb 22 2000
Other Note: Although this is a great document from a historical standpoint, it does not answer some questions
I would like to verify.  For example on page one she does not name Andrew Jackson Pierces father, which is
unfortunate.  She also does not mention her mother by name or anything about her family. On page two she talks 
about four brothers two of which came back from the war and two that died in the war......She does not name them 
either.  I am positive that Clem A and Geo W Pierce were the sons which came back from the war.  I know one son
John R Pierce was killed in the war.  This document does not solve the question of which other son was killed in the war.  
Also it does not address the question of any of LD Pierce's (Peg Leg) sons getting killed and thrown down the well at
the pierce ranch (as mentioned in the Johnson County History Book), She does talk quite a lot about her sister Nan. 
This would be the Nancy Pierce who married James Madison Conn and moved to the Duncan Oklahoma area.  I am in 
contact with their descendants.  

All through the document where the brother  L.  is mentioned, this is my
great grandfather LD Pierce Sr. (PegLeg). Editor LD Pierce Feb 22 2000



I am confused regarding Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks true birth date:  
The cemetery stone lists her birth date as year 1862,
The Biographies in the Hansford County History Book written by her family
also list birth date as 1862.  But Her Biography as interview 
by Susan Pierce Dacus states her birth date as 1860.  This supposedly
was written from her own words.   Another question is that of her death date
which is shown as November 25, 1941 In her biography in the Hansford County TX History Book.
 The stone shows death date of Jan 25, 1941.
Which is correct?? I will soon begin trying to obtain
the birth certificates for all of Capt. Andre Jackson Pierce's Children.


Married Rhoda Pierce 24 May 1877,​ Johnson,​ Texas
llen Mansel Wilbanks Born Dec 1858 Johnson County Texas, USA
one location states he was born in Rusk County Texas

Death: Nov. 7, 1927 Amarillo TexasA
buried Hansford Cemetery
Allen M. Wilbanks Death Date: 07 Nov 1927 Death Place: Amarillo, Potter, Texas Gender: Male Race: White Death Age: 69 years Estimated Birth Date: Birth Date: 1858 Birthplace: Texas Marital Status: Married Spouse's Name: Father's Name: Hiram Wilbanks Father's Birthplace: Tenn. Mother's Name: Francis Hale Mother's Birthplace: Ga. Occupation: Retired Farmer Place of Residence: Spearman, Texas Cemetery: Burial Place: Spearman, Texas Burial Date: 08 Nov 1927 Additional Relatives: X Film Number: 2114435 Digital Film Number: 4165522 Image Number: 1941 Reference Number: 38102

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 rhodapg30_sm.jpg 3.2K

Below is a transcript of Rhoda Ann Pierce Wilbanks' family bible pages.
These were copied from a set of copies held at the Somervell Co. Genealogy
Society offices in Glen Rose, Texas. Spelling is exactly as found in the
copies. There where 5 pages in all titled: Marriage Cert., Marriages,
Births, Deaths, Memoranda

Marriage Certificate from Preacher

This Certifies that A. M. Wilbanks of Cleburne Texas and R. A. Pierce of
Cleburne Texas were joined together by me in the bond of matrimony at the
Pierce Homestead on the 24th day of May in the year of our lord 1877. In
the Presence of A. J. Pierce and wife and H. H. Wilbanks and wife. Signed
Rev Wing of Kimball Texas.

Marriages (page dated 1-27-12)

Andrew Jackson Wilbanks to Nettie Cameron Dec 18th 1901
Allen Mancel Wilbanks Jr. to Ophelia Beatress Ewing March 1st 1898
Percy Phone Wilbanks to James Blackburn Tower Sept 27, 1910
Howell L. Wilbanks to Trixie E. Winn Oct 11th 1908
Edgar Napoleon Wilbanks to Ruby Compton May 27 1911
Oliver Theodore Wilbanks to Lucille Kizziar Dec 29, 1913
Ruth Monica Wilbanks to O. Floyd Hawkins Aug 22, 1921
Wanda Ouida Wilbanks to George B. Reed June 9, 1925


Andrew Jackson Wilbanks born March 19th 1878
Allen Mancel Wilbanks born June 22nd 1879
Percy Phone Wilbanks born Feb 17th 1881
Angie Wilbanks born June 4th 1884
Howell L. Wilbanks Sept 17th 1885
Baby Wilbanks 1890
Oliver Theodore Nov 20th 1891
Wanda O. Wilbanks Jan 9th 1895
Monica Ruth Wilbanks July 17th 1897
Allen Mancel Wilbanks Sr. Dec 10th 1858
Rhoda Ann Pierce April 9th 1862


Angie Wilbanks died Dec 14th 1884
Baby Wilbanks 1887
Baby Wilbanks 1890
Sam Wilbanks Oct 21 1918
Birth of Tower Family written Nov 21 1941
Rhoda Tower born Born Dec 29- 1913
Coline Tower born May 25 (or 15) 1915 (1919 crossed out)
Arnett Tower born Dec 4 1912
Pearcy Wilbanks tower born Feb 17, 1881
Allen Mancel Sr. Nov 10,
Allen Mancel Jr. June 22, 1877
Andrew Jackson March 19, 1978
Rhoda Ann April 19, 1862 Jan 25, 1921 (typo on death yr, she was alive in
1930 census and grave and other records list 1941 as death)


Hiram H. Wilbanks and Amelia Ann Francis Hale were united in the holy bonds
of matrimon in Rusk County Texas A. D. 1850 remained in Rusk county about 10
years moved to Johnson County settled near Alvarado Tx remained there 2
years then settled near the Brazos remained there until death there were
the father and mother of 14 children 10 boys and 4 girls.

Andrew Jackson Pierce and Nancy Emaline Abbercrumbie were united in the holy
bonds of matrimon in Cherokee County Georgia A.D. 1838 Moved to Texas from
Georgia in 1866 settled in Mc_____ (blank should be McLennan) County Texas
20 miles west of Waco Texas remained there 3 years then settled in Johnson
Co. Tx in 1869. Both are buried on the old homestead in Johnson Co. Tex.
6 boys and ???? girls were borned.
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