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>Don Clark  and wife Harriet
Naches  WA outside Yakima WA
he was son of Harbert Clark and Margaret Bailey


My mom’s sister Maxine and her husband Tremon Bailey raised me in Phillips.  I never knew my dad until I met him right before he died.  I remember uncle LD visiting us when I lived in Phillips when I was very young.  My mother remarried Vick Vickers and they lived in Odessa.  She died of emphysema and is buried in Odessa. 

After I graduated from Phillips I went to West Texas State for two years.  In 1968 I was drafted into the army Basic Fort Polk-AIT Fort Sill.  I was stationed at Fort Lewis Washington where I met my first wife Evelyn who lived in Seattle.  In 1969 I went to Viet Nam in the 101st Airborne Division.  I was discharged in 1970. 

I lived in Seattle from 1970-1974 where I went to the University of Washington and graduated with a teaching degree.  We moved to Yakima Washington where I had my first teaching job.  Castlevale Elementary.  My wife and I divorced in 1979.  I remarried Harriet in 1979.  I went to Lewis and Clark Junior High where I taught 6-8th grades from 1986 to 2005.  I never had any children of my own.

  My second wife had two daughters and one son.  I live in Gleed Washington which is a suburb of Yakima.  I am a member of Suntides Golf Course where we spend most of our leisure time.  I fish the Columbia River for Steelhead and Salmon.  I also hunt in the fall and winter. 

Rocky Clark 11/9/46 born in Phillips Texas.  Graduated Phillips High School 1965-Went to West Texas State 1965-67- Army 1968-70-University of Washington 1972-74-  Yakima School Dist 1974-2005

Half brother Les Hembree (looking at your web page he is unknu1jpg) we both were raised by the Baileys.  He lives in the Bay Area.  He has two sons.  He is 11years older than me.

Cousin Bobby Don Bailey(unknu30jpg) son of Margaret Clark’s sister Lorrie-he was adopted by the Baileys.  He is about 14 years older than me.  He is deceased.

(gunknu59 is Harbert, Rocky, Margaret, guy on right :LD Pierce)

(unknu31 is Harbert and Margaret Clark)

My mom passed away at age 70.  I am not sure of her birthday or date of death.

The Baileys that raised Les, Bobby Don, and my self had a daughter Kris.  She is eight years younger than me.  She lives in Borger with her husband Larry Joe Reed.  They run the Phillips Golf Course where he is the pro.

Maxine, Lorrie, Margaret, and Don were Hendersons.  My uncle Don still lives in Amarillo.  The rest of the family is gone.  Maxine raised three boys of her sisters and her own daughter Kris.  I would say I was three or four when I started living with them.  My mother and I both lived with the Baileys until she remarried.  Her husband was a boiler maker so they moved about quite often.  They gave me the choice to live with them or Aunt Maxine.  I chose to stay in Phillips where the rest of my family grew up.  As you probably know Phillips was a kind of utopia for a kid growing up.  Great sports town-very caring community. I visited my mom in the summers and was very close to her.  

I will look to see if I can find any photos.  

No bother at all.  I enjoy finding out about dad’s relations.  I will be going on a trip to Texas in May with my brother and I will pick his brain.  He remembers much more than me.  Thanks again   Rocky


my mother was not a Bailey. Her sister married Tremon Bailey. Her maiden name was Henderson.  Her first husband was Hembree, her second husband was my dad a Clark.  And then she married a Vickers.  A little confusion.  I had a time filling out forms about my family when I was going to school.  My guardian was Bailey, my mother was a Vickers, my brother was a Hembree, and I was a Clark.


the two pictures of the same kid are my cousin,  the single picture is my half brother



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Harbert Clark Wife Margaret Bailey Clark
son Rocky Don Clark and LD Pierce

unknw59_sm.jpg 10.8K

No Photo of Rocky Don Clark
at Philips at this age  1943-+1945

Don Bailey Rocky Don Clarks brother

Don Bailey   Cousin Bobby Don Bailey(
unknu30jpg) son of Margaret Clark’s sister Lorrie-
he was adopted by the Baileys.  He is about 14 y\
years older than me.  He is deceased.


unknw12_sm.jpg 7.2K

Don Bailey Rocky Don Clarks half brother


unknw19_sm.jpg 4.8K

Les Hembree

 Les Hembree

unknw31_sm.jpg 8.0K

Margaret and Harbert Clark



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