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Welcome to my Genealogy Web Page-Pierce Surname.Descendents
of Reuben Pierce born in Edgefield Dist SC 1768

Earl Boyd Pierce

One of Dan Pierce Cousins
Wilson Pierce Descendants

Seems to be our families
most famous pierce

Too bad he was not looking
into our family trees in the 1920s!!




Dr. Robert D Ross graduated from medical school in 1847 as evidenced by a large framed certificate that his grandson, Ross Kneeland, gave Earl Boyd Pierce to hang in the latter's office. This is the earliest record that is available of an American Indian's receiving a medical degree. Pg 51 <complete>


Birth: Jan. 29, 1904
Oklahoma, USA Death: Feb. 9, 1983 Born in Ft. Gibson, CN, IT, the son of James Madison Pierce & Nancy Jane Anderson (both buried at this cem.); *
see his father's gravesite for his siblings.

He married in 1923, Ruth E. Clark (buried at this cem.); they had one daughter, Norma Jo who married Dr. Harry Shytles Jr. and had 3 children.

He attended Stauton Military Academy in VA and graduated from Ft. Gibson HS in 1922. He enrolled at OU in 1922 and began preparation to enter the Law School there; however, the following year he married Ruth and left school and moved into a home on his Indian Allotment near the present-day Western Hills Lodge on Ft. Gibson Lake. After one disastrous year as a farmer, he sold the farm and returned to OU where he graduated in 1928.

He then opened a law office in Muskogee; he was Muskogee's assistant county attorney form 1931-33, attorney for the Nat. Recovery Admin. for one year, an attorney in the Dept. of Interior and Justice in Washington, DC from 1934-36, working primarily on Indian Affairs.

He then returned to Muskogee where he was in private practice and served as City Attorney for Muskogee from 1936-1938. During WWII, he was an expeditor for the War Dept., then he returned to Muskogee and his private practice.

He then became attorney ofr the Cherokee Tribe and began his efforts to seek compensation for the Nation's losses. After his retirement, he devoted most of his time to helping members of the Cherokee Nation, and served as executive director of the AR River Valley Authority, and was director of the Cherokee Youth Program.

He also co-wrote a book on Cherokee History


Ft. Gibson

Gateway to the West

By: C. W. "Dub" West (c) 1974

Muskogee Publishing Company, Muskogee, OK 74401

James Henry Pierce, who was born in 1847 and died in 1905 .... Mr and Mrs Pierce interment was in the New Hope Cemetery in the Ft Gibson bottom .... re-intered in Greenhill Cemetery in Muskogee in 1944 .... children of James H and Hudla Pierce ... Andrew who married Sibyl Rigney and Amanda Blair; Elizabeth who married Fred Rigney and Newton Woolen; Luvici, who married John Hampton; James M who married Nancy Anderson; Della who married H T Goodman and Perry LeRoy who married Linnie Blair. Pg 113 & 114

The children of James M (1877-1944) and Nancy Anderson Pierce (1883-1969) were: Gertrude who married L C Sweatt; Mark who did not marry; James Clayton who married Florine Thornton and Edith Lawler; Earl Boyd who married Ruth Clark; Beulah, who married R C Chapman (deceased 1950); Frank Hanselmann (deceased 1967) and L A Rounds; Ray M who married Ruby O'Dell; Elsie who married Terrance Wilks; Mabel, who married Wayne Fisher; Lois who married Jack W Thomas; and Jimmye who married Jack Hines. Pg 114 [Photo James Henry Pierce Family]

[long article on Earl Boyd Pierce] pg 115 & 116 - [two Photos of Mrs J H Pierce] pg 115

[Article on James Clayton Pierce] pg 116

[Article on Ray M Pierce] pg 116 & 117 - [photo of Ramsey Clark and Earl Boyd Pierce pg 116] Photo Ray M Pierce pg 117]


In about 1886, James and Hulda Pierce, along with the families of James' brother Newton Pierce, and Hulda's brother Columbus Roberts, left Georgia and moved West.  The story, as related by James' grandson Earl Boyd Pierce, is that they first moved to Ft. Gibson, Indian Territory.  However, James wanted land of his own, but couldn't buy land in Indian Territory.  At that time, there was free land to homestead in Kansas, so they went there and built a sod house 3 miles west of Lincoln.  During the blizzard of 1887/88, it snowed all through December and January.  They burned up all the wood and had to chop down the door to burn for heat.  When the snow melted, they left Kansas and returned to Ft. Gibson where they remained to raise their children.  They established a homeplace along the Arkansas River at Anderson Bottoms.  However, in constrast to this story, a letter from Columbus Roberts in 1887 indicates that he went to Kansas first, then the families of James and Newton Pierce moved from Hall Co., GA to join him in Kansas.


James died March 3, 1903 and was buried at Anderson Bottoms cemetery.  Hulda died of Spanish influenza on October 28, 1918 in Checotah and was also buried at Anderson Bottoms cemetery.  Their remains were later moved to a mausoleum at Greenhill Cemetery in Muskogee.


James Madison Pierce married Nancy Jane Anderson, daughter of Albert Anderson and Louisa Cordray, on August 23 1896.  Nancy was Cherokee on her mother's side.  James' family remained in the Ft. Gibson area where he acquired much land and operated a cotton gin.  James and Nancy had ten children: Gertrude Mae, Mark H., James Clayton, Earl Boyd, Beulah L., Ray M., Elsie, Mabel L., Lois and Jimmy


NANCY JANE5 ANDERSON (LOUISA4 CORDERY, WILSON3, DAVID2, THOMAS1) was born January 01, 1882, and died Aft. 1906. She married JAMES MADISON PIERCE August 23, 1896. He was born December 13, 1877 in Hall Co, GA.

More About N
1890 Census [CN]: Illinois, 1716
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 1831, roll# 4844 as Nancy J Pierce
1906-09 Miller roll: Ft Gibson, OK, ap# 31391, roll# 21417 as Nancy J Pierce
Blood: 1/8 Cherokee
Children of N
  i.   GERTRUDE6 PIERCE, b. June 03, 1897.
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 1831, roll# 4845
Blood: 1/16 Cherokee
Starr's Notes: C726; b:11/7/1898 [her brother was born 11/7/1898]

  ii.   MARK PIERCE, b. November 07, 1898.
  More About MARK PIERCE:
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 1831, roll# 4846
Blood: 1/16 Cherokee

  iii.   JAMES CLAYTON PIERCE, b. February 07, 1902.
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 1831, roll# 4847
Blood: 1/16 Cherokee

  iv.   EARL BOYD PIERCE, b. February 08, 1905.
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 2404m, roll# 2609m
Blood: 1/16 Cherokee

MuskogeePhoenix.com, Muskogee, OK

December 31, 2009

Local law bridges ages

Lawyer remodels with eye on the past

By Wendy Burton

When darkness falls, and wind rattles the windowpanes, Fort Gibson City Attorney Don Lewis channels the past in the 1903 Earl Boyd Pierce Building.

�It's so warm; you just feel like you�re in a different time, pulling books off the shelf and reading instead of being on the Internet,� Lewis said.

Indeed, he's lined every wall of his law office with bookshelves, and some of his law books date as far back as the 1890s.

Lewis came to Fort Gibson to take over Jim Carnagey's law practice three years ago. He �inherited� the building too, complete with original tile floors and a fireplace marked with a large, brass �P�.

�The original attorney here was Earl Boyd Pierce,� Lewis said. �I even found papers from when he represented the Cherokees.�

Pierce was an attorney for the tribe during the 1940s, and was involved in the Indian Claims Commission suit.

His building, originally a bank, had the Cherokee alphabet painted on the ceiling.

�The alphabet was falling down,� Lewis said. �It was lead-based paint so I remodeled the whole office. It would have been nice to keep it.�

After Pierce, Carnagey had his office there for 22 years. Because of the rich history of the building as law offices, Lewis painted Carnagey and Pierce's names on the window outside.

�I want there to be some lineage and some flow,� Lewis said. �Everyone wants to feel that they've had some impact in this world.�





Earl Boyd Pierce and Rennard Strickland, The Cherokee People (Phoenix, Ariz.: Indian Tribal Series, 1973)





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