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Welcome to my Genealogy Web Page-Pierce Surname. 
Descendents of Reuben Pierce born in Edgefield Dist SC 1768
DESCENDENTS OF Elizabeth Jane Putnam Price
daughter of Andrew Jackson Pierce 
"Uncle Allen Pierce 1970  :  Aunt Jane stayed in Georgia"
June 28 2012 New Descendant from
Elizabeth Jane Pierce Price Putnam
(see bottom of page Nancy Roberts Bray)

Elizabeth Jane Pierce Putnam Price Garrison
 buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery Carthage, Panola, TX
Misc Notes-LD- PIERCE- OCT-1- 2012.pdf 

Pierce, Elizabeth Jane

  • b. Oct 1844
    • Georgia, USA
  • d. Nov 19 1924
    • Carthage, Panola, Texas USA
  • e. Burial
    • Nov 1924
    • Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carthage, Panola, Texas USA
  • m. Putnam, David L.
    • Dec 15 1859
    • Holly Springs, Cherokee County, Georgia,
    • d. Jan 01 1873
  • m. Price, Garry D.
    • AFT 1875
    • d. May 12 1912
  • m. Garrison, John W.
    • AFT 1914
    • Georgia, USA
    • d. Sep 26 1926

elizabeth pierce putnam price garrison

Letter from Nancy Roberts Bray Living near Houston Texas
see note on find a grave

was born December 16, 1834. He married Elizabeth Jane Pierce
 in Cherokee County, (Daughter of Anerw Jackson Pierce )
Georgia on December 15, 1859. In the 1870 census|
 of Cherokee County, Georgia they had five children. He died January 1,
 1873 from wounds received during the War. In the 1880 census of 
Cherokee County I find Gerry David Price who married his widow, 
Jane Pierce Putman and has four of her children with him. 

rusk census 1860

27  1443 1461 GARRISON      E. J. (Elizabeth Jane) 20 F W  GA  

This information is not summarized or organized Yet!!
Sept 1 2006

1920 census Panola

name: Elizabeth Jane Garrison
residence: , Panola, Texas
estimated birth year: 1845
age: 75
birthplace: Georgia
relationship to head of household: Wife
gender: Female
race: White
marital status: Married
father's birthplace: Georgia
mother's birthplace: Georgia
film number: 1821839
digital folder number: 4390422
image number: 00639
sheet number: 19
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
self John W Garrison M 75y Georgia
wife Elizabeth Jane Garrison F 75y Georgia


Bill- Thanks again! Your research is so good! I think have about read all of your replies and they are all so very good! I found some information yesterday at library, books actually on the House of Putnam (Laurens, SC) believe it was dedicated to the memory of Privates James Perry Putman "The Man in Gray" is under a picture. He ws in Company B First South Carolina Infantry and on the Muster Roll December 31, 1864. It further indicates he is the Son of Abner Putman and Haney Amanda (Ashley) Putman and he was born January 20, 1827. Are my Putnam's related do you think??? I copied the book (it was very small--would you like me to mail it to you or possibly you already have it!--probably do with as much as you have done!) Is this the Abner fellow (can't go back at this moment and look) that you and Rand are working on updating his materials??

Also, nother question-- I found where David Putnan and Lecy Castlebury were married, looked at some of the census rolls but only got through 1860 and 1870. Will have to go back after work tomorrow and check out 1880 to find Elizabeth Jane Pierce Putnam married to Gary D. Price. Do you happened to have a page (ED) that would make it quicker for me??? I have so little time to go to library and am trying to get things lined up so can go back to Canton, GA one day to Courthouse and look back in wills, etc. to see what I can find.
Second question- Do you remember or cn you lay your hands on the information where you said someone gave you the Price information but you never followed up?? Possibly could be someone I could contact in Georgia that is a descendant. Where did you find David 's middle name as being Lumpkin??? I find it very hard to get middle names but then, being so very new at all this (only since March 1999, I know I don't know all the ins and outs!). I have worked so much on Doss Family research in Georgia but have very good support in Libbie Griffin out of Maine who is doing extensive Doss Family Association research. Anyway, any suggestions you can give me will be most appreciated! I am looking forward to being able to contribute any of my line to your research (I guess that's if I come across new stuff you don't alreay have!). Do you know who the Elizabeth Webb, age 40 same age as Phoebe was in 1850 census??? Coud this have been her sister?? Also, have you looked at the Anderson County , SC records for the Thomas Putnam and Mary Barton?? Is there anymore information on Mary Barton?? I am full of questions so if you would be a love and give me direction on where to go from here I greatly appreciate it! Hope to meet you someday. I love genealogy (my kids don't!) They seem to turn into a daze when I start talking, they are 29, 27 and 21. Only my grandson who is five has any love for doing family trees! Well, must go, things still to do. Looking forward to hearing from you as always! If too much to put on here, please respond e-mail. I check it more often than am able to get on this board! Bye for now-Debbe


Thomas Putman and Mary Barton from Anderson County, South Carolina to Hall County in 1817, after a 10 year jaunt to Warren County, Kentucky. They had a bunch of kinds. One of the kids, David, had a son David Lumpkin Putman. He married Elizabeth Jane Pierce. David died in 1873 and Elizabeth Jane then married Gerry David Price. Gerry David Price was a son of Gerry H. Price and Phoebe Putman. Phoebe was also a daughter of Thomas Putman and Mary Barton.

Here is what I have on David Putman and on Phoebe Putman.

David Putman

David Putman was born in Warren County, Kentucky on October 19, 1807. He married Lecy Castlebury in Hall County, Georgia on January 7, 1830. Lecy was born May 31, 1807 in Hall County, Georgia.

They moved to Cherokee County in the very early 1830s and remained there. The children were all born in Cherokee County, Georgia. David was not only a rather prosperous farmer, but was involved in the Putman Gold Mine near The Sixes in Cherokee County. He later moved into the town of Canton where he died.

David died in Cherokee county, Georgia on July 5, 1874 at age 67. Lecy was shown in the 1880 census at age 73 and died at age 79 on July 19, 1886 also in Cherokee County.

They had the following children, all sons and all of which served in the CSA army in the civil war. Three of the sons died in the actual fighting or later from wounds and disease received during the War.

DAVID LUMPKIN PUTMAN was born December 16, 1834. He married Elizabeth Jane Pierce in Cherokee County, Georgia on December 15, 1859. In the 1870 census of Cherokee County, Georgia they had five children. He died January 1, 1873 from wounds received during the War. In the 1880 census of Cherokee County I find Gerry David Price who married his widow, Jane Pierce Putman and has four of her children with him. There is a David L. Putman also in the 1880 census who was David junior. The children were:

Belle Putman born 1860.
David Lumpkin Putman Jr. born 1862.
Odella Putman born 1865.
Carol L. (Cassie) Putman born 1867.
Nancy T. Putman born 1869.
Martha Putman born 1872.

Phoebe Putman

Phoebe was born in Warren County, Kentucky in 1810. She married Gerry H. Price in about 1830. They were in the 1850 census living in Floyd County, Georgia with nine children and an Elizabeth Webb, age 40, the same age as Phoebe was. They may have later moved to Arkansas with her family and then on to Texas where she died in 1870.

They had the following children:

MARY PRICE born in 1832

THOMAS H. PRICE born in 1835

JOHN M. PRICE born in 1837

GERRY or GARY DAVID PRICE was born May 29, 1838 and died in Cherokee County, Georgia on May 12, 1912. See the 1880 census. He married a widow, Jane Putman who was the wife of David Lumpkin Putman.





JOSEPHINE PRICE born in 1849


Debbie martin

I am still searching. Now have a name for my great-grandfather. It is Gary D. Price. He served in Confederate Army specifically Company B 10th Calvary Texas. I found his pension records at the Georgia Archives indicating he filed for pension and received due to having lost lower leg (have picture of him with wooden leg!) in the battle of Jonesboro. Also, found his Last Will and Testament files in Cherokee County, Georgia where it lists his wife as Elizabeth Jane Price (think her maiden name was Pierce), sons Odie K. Price, Charles G. Price, and one daughter, Lecy J. Price now known as Lecy J. Doss (which was my daddy's mother Lecy Jane Price Doss). They had a farm in Holly Springs, GA (close to Canton in Cherokee Cty.)The will indicates house in the town of Holly Springs consisting of two acres more or less lying on southside of the road leading from Cherokee Mills to Hickory Flat. Appointed O. W. Putnam and J. J. Abercrombie to execute will 27, September 1907, will was filed May 21 1912. Have obtained picture of house, even went looking for it! Met lots of Prices, but none seem to be family. He is buried as Sixes Methodist Church (found beautiful marker rigiht behind church building). In fact, this is where I found out he was Confederate soldier because behind huge marker is flat marker indicating that he served in CSA. MY QUESTION--DID HE COME FROM TEXAS TO GA??? Cousin who is still alive and lives in Roswell, GA said that Charlie G. Price went to Ohio (I think she said) became a doctor because Mama Bense (Lecy Jane Price Doss married a Bynum Benson after death of George Amos Doss in 1911) send my aunt Jessie Duvall Doss (changed her name to Dorris Jessie Doss) out to him to be treated for seizures). Does anyone know CHARLIE G. PRICE OR ODIE K. PRICE??? Cousin did not know about Odie K. or where he went (but then she is 73 now!) Really am stumped here. Feel wonderful though in that it only took six months to find out my great-grandfather's real name instead of just initials as was listed in family Bible which is very sketchy! Please e-mail me if you happen to know any of these names!
Debbie again


Great grandmother was Elizabeth Jane Pierce who married a G.O. or G.D. (The O or D is unclear as to which letter) PRICE who I believe was from Cherokee County, Georgia. My grandmother was Lecy Jane Price who was born 16 Jan 1879 d. 15 dec 1968 Atlanta GA. (She married George Amos Doss from Canton,GA). Per family story, Elizabeth Jane Pierce Price married a "Dee" (think this was the way my aunt wrote Odian or Odie) Putnam. They had several sons "in good standing". Cousin remembers grandma going to Selma, Alabama to visit some Putnam. From the Putnam marriage connection , in term related the the Galts of Georgia. Does anyone have any information on a Jane Elizabeth Pierce who married a G.O. or G.D. Price? i have picture of woman and man, very old, my grandmother wrote on it "MA and PA PRICE". Thanks for any information!   Debbie Again

Looking for the full name of my g-grandfather and Price family history. Per family Bible, listed as G.D.(or G.O.) Price. He was married to Elizabeth Jane Pierce. Possibly they lived in or around Canton, GA which is CHEROKEE COUNTY. Had one daughter (that I know of because she was my grandmother), Lecy Jane Price b. 16,Jan, 1879. She married George Amos Doss of Canton, GA on 2,Jan, 1898 "at the home of G.D. or G.O.Price. I have a picture plainly marked Ma & Pa Price. Supposedly, he died and Elizabeth Jane Pierce Price married a Dee Putnam (they had a couple of sons who lived in Birmingham, Al). No where can I find out where to start on the PRICES or Pierces. No mention of what the G.O. or G.D. stands for. Am guessing was in Cherokee Cty, Canton, Ga. Any help would be appreciated. E-mail if you like.



On the 1860 census, David Lumpkin Putnam and wife Elizabeth (Pierce) are living in the household of his parents (David and Lucy).


1860 Cherokee Co., GA

Wild Cat District


Putnam, David 53 KY

Putnam, Lucy 53 GA

Putnam, Lumpkin 26 GA

Putnam, Berry 23 GA

Putnam, Elisabeth 16 GA




1850 Cherokee Co., GA

15th Division


Putnam, David 42 KY

Putnam, Lucy 43 GA

Putnam, Thomas 20 GA

Putnam, Adam M. 18 GA   (could be Adrin M.)

Putnam, David L. 17 GA

Putnam, Berry 16 GA




Tried once before to send reply to your e-mail of 10/25/03 but having problems with computer which evidently timed out as it will do on occasions and I loose my email to someone.  Am trying again...this is in response that my great grandmother-Elizabeth Jane Pierce was the sister to your GGG Grandfather, Andrew Jackson Pierce. I corresponded with you via e-mail many years ago and you directed me to several people and sites which I appreciate.  Bill Putman, lives in Maine I believe, had sent me tons of info on the Putnams (my branch of Putmans changes spelling or it was the other way around!). In info, the connection to My G-grandfather, Gary David Price indicated he had married an Elizabeth Jane Pierce. Bill did not have any resources listed for where he got the Pierce as the maiden name and when I contacted him he could not remember who had given it to him.  He has researched the Putmans/Putnams all over so had tons of stuff.  So, I have been going only on the assumption that my g-grandmother's maiden name was Pierce.  I have found no further information on her past my g-grandfather's will and no burial place or indication of where buried even though I have spent many long hours at the Archives in Atlanta,GA.


I am attaching (hope it pastes) some of the research notes I have that I sent to Brent Currie who is my third cousin and lives in Georgia. Please read over, hope doesn't confuse you too badly!  Let me know when is a good time to call you to talk or please send me correspondence by e-mail to this address (I don't use martin141@yahoo.com much anymore and not for my genealogical research).  


You said that you got connection from your distant cousin, Dan Pierce in California.  I have been so excited...you wouldn't think so with it taking me this long to get back to you!  If you get this today, please let me know if I should call you today. I am in Alabama, 17 miles south of Birmingham in Pelham (Shelby County) and am on Central Time.


Will attempt to paste my notes now and sign off to send this to you so don't loose it again.  I am waiting anxiously to hear from you!


Your Cousin- Debbora (Debbe) Dorris Doss Martin

Great-Granddaughter of Gary David Price and Elizabeth Jane Pierce Putnam Price


Hello Brent,

     I am so sorry I am just now getting back to you but computer once again wanting to play difficult.  I am mortified that I did not know about Cousin Mary Jane.  Your grandmother positively doted on her two girls.  I know that she never thought to live longer than her babies.  I do hope your mom, Barbara Gail, is doing okay. So terrible to think that Jane lost her sister and now Barbara Gail has lost her sister.  I know that when I was there I gave them both my address, but know things get misplaced in the daily course of life.  I so wish I had known. I do hope your mother will forgive me.  I am glad that Cousin Jane is not in poor health. I know she was having difficulty remembering some things but was still as pretty as ever and getting around good.  I know I will have to come to Georgia soon to see her.


Thank you so much for the pictures.  Unfortunately in those days (talk like that was in ancient times!), the one that made the picture album knew who everyone was and thus did not write down the names.  This is still something I am guilty of so must get my names and dates on pictures too.


Three of these pictures I remember from the one album Jane could find when I was there.  I am curious though as to where you got the dates because the 1916 Holly Springs and the 1918___Granny do not make any sense to me.  The one that says Granny is my great-grandmother and Nellie Corrine's mother, Elizabeth Jane Price with my great grandfather, Gary David Price.  The man with the beard is also Gary David Price and I believe that is Nellie standing behind him.  The lady beside Nell  I thought at first might possibly be the youngest daughter from the marriage of Elizabeth Jane and her first husband David Lumpkin Putnam  , Martha , but she was born in 1872, so possibly it was a cousin.  The breakfast picture also appears to be great grandfather, Gary David Price (but don't know why he would have shaved off his beard??) .  The thing that is definitely confusing are the dates (I don't remember dates being in the album--were they on the backs of the pictures??) Gary David Price died May 12, 1912 (born May 28, 1938  His will proves that they lived in Holly Springs. There is a picture of a house which was where all four children (Nellie Corrine, Lecy Jane, Odian K., and Charley G Price were born.  Gary David Price married Elizabeth Jane Pierce Putnam after her first husband, David Lumpkin Putnam died of wounds he received in the Civil War.


I'll try not to confuse you... David Lumpkin Putnam (age 26) was living with his father, David Putnam (53,  a farmer of considerable means having $4000 personal property and $400 personal estate), his mother Lecy Castleberry Putnam (53) one of his brother's  Berry (23) and  one of his sister's Elisabeth (16) in 1860  in Canton, Cherokee Cty., GA.  He and Elizabeth Jane apparently married sometime between 1860 and early 1861. In 1870, David Lumpkin Putnam (now 36, a farmer with $1000 value of real estate and $250 value of personal property) was living with Jane (Elizabeth Jane, age 28), Belle (9) David L. (apparently Jr. age 7), Odeller (4) Corah L. (2) and Nannie (6 mos old  born in Jan, 1870).  This is per the 1870 census for Woodstock the 890th district in Cherokee County, GA  in June, 1870. Okay, now we stop and go to the Prices....


In 1850-Floyd County, GA  lived my great-great grandfather Garey H. Price  (age 46 with value of real estate at $5000 and born in NC), his wife Pheby (misspelled by the enumerator I am sure as correct spelling is Phoebe and she was 40 born in KY) with the following who were their children: Mary (17) Thomas P. (16) Thomas P. (14) John R. (12), Garry (11--this checks out all through the different census records confirming born 1838), Elizabeth J. (9) George W. and Andrew J. (who were twins age 6), Martha M. (4) Josephine (1) and an Elizabeth Webb (age 40 of whom I am not quite sure how she fits into the picture quite yet but was quite possibly a sister to Garry H. Price).


In 1860- Wood County, TX lived my gg-grandfather G H Price (55 with $4,000 value of real estate and $10,000 value of personal estate which in those days meant for a very wealthy person), GG-grandmother Eda (definitely Phoebe as shows born in Kentucky and she is age 49), Gary D. (21), G.W. and A.J. (ages 17) Martha (13, Berry (9) Jsephine (10) K. R. (who I now know is Kinchen Rambo Price age 6) and Lisa (4). Lisa is the only one born in Texas.


From 1999 post

Does anyone have info on this lady who was my great-grandmother?? It goes like this:
ELIZABETH JANE PIERCE b. October 1844 (per 1900 census)in Georgia as place of birth.

Now, ELIZABETH JANE PIERCE first married David Lumpkin PUTNAM (b.16, Dec.1834 Cherokee Cty, GA d. 1, Jan. 1873)They were married 15, December 1859. Childen of this marriage were all born in Cherokee Cty,GA:

Belle Putnam (b.23,Dec.1860)(m.19,Dec 1877 to K.R. Price then married a Dr. White from Yantis, TX after K.R.Price died) She is buried in Yantis, Cemetery, Wood Cty,TX.

David Lumpkin Putnam, Jr. (b.1862-63 Cherokee Cty, GA)
Odella (b.1865 Cherokee Cty,GA)
Carol L. (Cassie) (b.1865 Cherokee Cty,GA)
Nancy T. (Nannie) (b.? Jan.1870 Cherokee Cty,GA)
Martha (b.1872)
Infant (unknown dob or dod but inscription on tombstone at Sixes Methodist Cemetery in Canton/Holly Springs, GA said "Infant of D.L.Putnam"

David Putnam died 1,Jan 1873 of wounds received in Civil War. ELIZABETH JANE PIERCE PUTNAM then married my great-gandfather, Gary David PRICE. Their children were: Odian (Odie) K. Price b.1877, Lecy Jane Price (my grandmother)b.16, Jan.1879, and Charlie(Charley) G. Price b. May 1882.

On the 1900 census in Cherokee County, GA, Elizabeth Jane PIERCE Putnam Price is listed with Gary D.Price and it shows she was born in Georgia, she had 9 children living, 1 child deceased (these children would be combination of Putnam childen and the three Price children). They had a farm in HOLLY SPRINGS, CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA. My great-grandfather fought in Civil War, lost half of one leg, had wooden stump, due to cannonball in the Battle of Jonesboro (per Pension records found at GA State Archives). I have copy of his will written in 1909 and he died 12, May 1912 and is buried in the Putnam family plot at Sixes Methodist Church in Cherokee Cty,GA.
Now, after this, I have lost my great-grandmother! Does anyone have any information as to parents of Elizabeth Jane PIERCE...where she might have gone after 1912 (possibly to Alabama with one of the sons-Odie, or possibly with Charley to Ohio (he became a doctor). Know Lecy Jane married George Amos Doss.
If you have ANY information-please e-mail me at martin141@yahoo.com .  does not work


Okay, now I have gotten myself confused as to why I went this way with this!!! I think basically to show ages and who some of the people might be in the pictures on the "farm" at Holly Springs.


Gary David (please don't get confused re: spelling of Gary. I will always use this spelliing to denote my great-grandfather as this is how he signed his name on his will.  Garry H or Garey H. will always refer to great-great grandfather and varies depending on the document I am referring to. I am sure you know that throughout the early years of our country, the spelling of ones name varied quite often!) also served in the Civil War. He has a Confederate marker at his grave behind Sixes Methodist Church in Canton, GA where is the ONLY Price buried with Elizabeth Jane's first husband and his parents as well as a child that she and David Lumpkin Putnam lost. 


Gary David lost his leg when it was "shot off by a cannonball" in the battle of Jonesboro.  One picture I have of him shows the wooden stump, the prosthesis required in order for a soilder to qualify for a pension.  He qualifed at the set price of $100 per year for the loss of a leg below the knee.  He and Elizabeth Jane (still do not know if Pierce is definitely maiden name or not, still searching!) married sometime between 1870 and 1877 because their first son, Odian K. Price was 3 years old in the 1880 census. (Odian K. Price, at the age of 37,  married Miss Hassie N. James who was 23 on 15, October 1914 in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama.  This is the last mention I have found of him).  My grandmother, Lecy Jane Price, was born on 16, January 1879. Charley G. Price was the last son and he was born May 1887 (listed with Gary David and Elizabeth on the 1900 census at age 18 with Gary David's birth date as May, 1838 and Elizabeth Jane's birth date as October 1844, married 25 years so this would put them marrying in 1875!) It then gets REALLY confusing for me because in the 1911 census, here again is Gary David but listed as G.D., now 71 years old, Elizabeth Jane now listed as E.J. age 65 and listed as a SON is ______Edd who is 20 years old!  In Gary David's will there is mention of ONLY Odian K., Charley G. and Lecy Jane Price now Lecy Jane Doss.  The ages compute for Gary David and Elizabeth Jane...who was Edd???


(note:  I have given you above the family content in 1870, however my great-great grandfather and gggrandmother in 1870 are still in Wood County, Texas now listed with only two of the children living with them, B.P. (19) and K.R. (16).  Garey H. Price's value of real estate is now only $2,000 and personal estate is a mere $500. Certainly not poor for those days but a significant decrease from 10 years before and prior to the Civil War.)

There were others of his sons, now married and living with their families in Wood County, Texas.  It appears that Gary David Price was the only one of the sons to remain in Georgia.


GG Grandmother Phoebe Putnam is buried in Yantis Cemetery  Quitman, Wood County, Texas but we have been unable to find where GG Grandfather Garey H. Price is buried. So too, we find GGrandfather Gary David Price buried with the family of his wife's first husband...but where is my GGrandmother Elizabeth Jane Price buried???  Charley G. just simply does not show up anywhere. (Cousin Jane said he became a doctor because he treated Aunt Jess for "spells" which were seizures and I think she said he was in either Ohio or Oklahoma..something that started with an O.)  Odian or Odie as he is listed when he married Hassie just fades away as well.


The man in the uniform with the donkey could, only quessing, be a Putnam or a Price or maybe even one of Nell's many gentlemen friends.  She appears in the pictures to have been a very studious type young lady but also quite popular.  Maybe more searching will tell!


I think I have given you more information than you can digest at one sitting! Am going back to the top and write--PLEASE PRINT BEFORE READING! as a warning.

My mailing address (just noticed it is after 11:00 p.m. here) is:

    141 King Valley Drive

    Pelham, Al 35125

    (205) 664-1970

Best I guess to e-mail each other because we could both go into debt with the phone company trying to share information.  If you come up with any proof at all of Pierce as last name of Elizabeth Jane _____Putnam Price or where she is buried or any other tidbit or clue, let me know.  Maybe together we can piece together the missing puzzle pieces. Will have to print out the rest of our line as time goes on as we are related to too many people our in Texas, some here in Alabama that I have not even begun to explore, many more in Georgia and so on...lost my train of thought!  Are you married? children? what do you do??? brothers and sisters?  Know Barbara Gail told me but dummy me didin't write it all down.


Will let you go for now. Look forward to more pictures. Have what I believe is the only copy of Ma and Pa Price looking quite spiffy as well as Ma and Pa and the children showing his wooden leg (Mama Bense left to me..that would be Lecy Jane Price Doss Bense).  Will get you a copy...need your address!


Bye for now-- Your cuz--Debbe

I think my cousin Dan Pierce in CA send me this  next two paragraphs.
I believe that A.J. and Nancy's daughter Elizabeth (b.1844) was married to David L. Putnam in Cherokee County in 1859.  I haven't been able to find them yet on the 1860 census (because there is no on-line index), but in 1870 they live in Woodstock, Cherokee Co. and have 5 children, with Elizabeth going by the name Jane.  By 1880, something has happened to David L. Putnam, and it appears that Elizabeth has remarried.  The census is very difficult to read, but her husband appears to have the last name Price (although I can't find a record of her remarrying in the Cherokee Co. marriage records on-line).


There were several Price families in Cherokee County from 1850 thru 1880.  However, there are no Pierce/Pearce families shown on the 1850 or 1870 census indices of Cherokee County.  There also seems to be one Pence family.  At any rate, the only Pierce marriages in Cherokee County between 1855 and 1884 are the ones shown below (whom I believe are all from your A.J. Pierce family):


PUTMAN, David L.          PEIRCE, Elizabeth        Dec 15, 1859  D 267

PEIRCE, George W.       MOSS, Molly                Nov 20, 1864  D 273

GRICE, Daniel                PIERCE, Georgia A.      Nov 28, 1878  E 418

PEACE, J. H. B.             WALCH, Vina               Dec 14, 1882  E 693

Putman should actually be spelled Putnam.

The following marriage is also the wife of John R. Pierce remarrying, but the name was misindexed as Price:


MILLWOOD, James        PRICE, Nancy Jane       Aug 13, 1865  D 231

Your Pierce family seems to be the only one in Cherokee County during that period.


Georgia A. Pierce who married Daniel Grice is the daughter of John R. Pierce and Nancy J. Wimpey.


Also, on the 1850 census of Lumpkin Co., GA, the family of Andrew and Nancy Pierce includes a 2 year old son named James.  I would assume that he is a child of theirs that died young.



Looking for Price Family in Wood Co, TX

Descendants of Phoebe Putman

1 Phoebe Putman b: 1810 in ,Warren Co.,Kentucky
d: 1870 in ,Wood?,Texas
.. +Grady H
Price b: WFT Est. 1775-1805 d: WFT Est. 1825-1892 m: 1820
*2nd Husband of Phoebe Putman:
.. +Gerry H.
Price m: abt. 1830
. 2 John Reeves
Price b: abt. 1836 in GA
..... +Margaret L. (Harry?) b: abt. 1839 in MS
..... 3 Febe A.
Price b: abt. 1867 in TX
..... 3 Nancy J
Price b: abt. 1867 in TX
..... 3 Benjamin J.
Price b: abt. 1871 in TX
......... +Pearl L. b: abt. 1884 in TX m: abt. 1903
......... 4 Cullen S.
Price b: abt. 1904
......... 4
Gary L. Price b: abt. 1909
..... 3 John
D. Price b: 28 Mar 1874 in MS d: 23 Dec 1915 in Wood Co, TX
......... +Alice G. m: Bet. 1903 - 1904
......... 4 John P.
Price b: abt. 1909
..... 3 Catherine Uphama
Price b: 01 Jul 1875 in TX d: 09 Jan 1901 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
......... +[1] John Henry Ingram b: 27 Dec 1860 in nr Rusk, TX enroute to Wood Co, TX
d: 28 Nov 1938 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX m: 29 Jan 1891 in Wood Co, TX
......... 4 Irene Isamae Ingram b: 01 Oct 1892 in Quitman, Wood Co., Texas
d: 27 Jun 1950 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas
............. +Mose Jacob Kennamer b: 23 Oct 1880 in Woodville, Jackson Co., Alabama
d: 03 Jan 1968 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas m: 27 Feb 1908 in Quitman, Wood Co., Texas
......... 4 Loys Levy Ingram b: 11 Mar 1894 in Wood Co, TX
d: 19 Oct 1905 in Wood Co, TX
......... 4 Nola Nima Ingram b: 16 Apr 1895
d: 14 Jul 1946 in Restland Cem, Dallas, TX
............. +John Charlie Reeves b: 09 Jul 1895
d: 16 Sep 1928 in Restland Cem, Dallas, TX m: 19 Sep in Malakoff, TX
......... 4 Infant Ingram b: 28 Jul 1896
d: 30 Jul 1896
......... 4 Ela Ethel Ingram b: 02 Aug 1897
......... 4 Vera Verbin Ingram b: 29 Mar 1899
d: 14 Sep 1900 in Wood Co, TX
......... 4 Infant Ingram b: 08 Jan 1901 in Wood Co, TX
d: 11 Jan 1901 in Wood Co, TX
..... 3 Rosa Bell
Price b: 11 Dec 1877 in TX d: 29 Oct 1906 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
......... +[1] John Henry Ingram b: 27 Dec 1860 in nr Rusk, TX enroute to Wood Co, TX
d: 28 Nov 1938 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX m: 30 Jan 1902 in Wood Co, TX
......... 4 Ernest Royal Ingram b: 31 Oct 1902
d: 31 Oct 1965
............. +Addabell Jernigan
......... 4 Cozy Zora Zoe Ingram b: 09 Jan 1904 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
d: Jul 1931 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
............. +Ulysses S. Jordan b: 25 Oct 1905
d: 09 Aug 1956 in Quitman, TX m: 04 Mar 1923 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
......... 4 Gayle Franklin Ingram b: 25 Nov 1904
d: 20 Sep 1970
............. +Helen Mann b: 12 Dec 1902
d: 12 Dec 1976 in Seagoville, TX
......... 4 John Belle Ingram b: 14 Oct 1906 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
d: 23 Jan 1995 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
............. +Matteel Hinson b: 23 Feb 1908 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
d: 12 Oct 1992 in Quitman, Wood Co, TX
. 2 Mary P.
Price b: abt. 1820
..... +John H. Rambo b: abt. 1820 m: abt. 1848 in Floyd Co, GA
..... 3 Kinchin Rambo
..... 3 Phoebe Rambo
. 2 Gerry David
. 2 Dave
. 2 Phoebe
. 2 Thomas
. 2 William
. 2 Berry
Price b: Bet. 1835 - 1855
..... +Isabel Putnam m: Dec 1877 in Cherokee Co, GA
..... 3 Mettie B.
Price b: 1880 in AL d: 1951 in Wood Co, TX
......... +Belford E. Thompson m: 21 Feb 1897 in Wood Co, TX
. 2 Marthena
. 2 Andrew
. 2 George
. 2 Elizabeth
. 2 Josephine

elizabeth pierce putnam price garrison

New INFO June 2012

Letter from Nancy Roberts Bray Living near Houston Texas
see note on find a grave



Hi - I got your mail via FindAGrave - so will add the following to my previous email...thanks for the fast reply, I thought I was the only night owl out here.  YIKES...
My phone is 832-XXX-2820.  I have mailing address of PO Box XXX, Wallis, TX  77485.  I live on a small farm nearby having retired from ConocoPhillips in 2008 and needing to get to the country!  With these notes you have my email.  As you will note on my F-A-G bio - I am not shy about giving some of my information, but hope I am not sorry about this some day!?!


Is this the L.D. Pierce with all the research on the internet?  I have had a grand time reading all the posts and research you have done over these many years regarding the Pierce ancestry.  I have done just a small amount of research comparitively speaking, but most is online with the aid of the modern computer technology rather than having to go and find government records etc.  I am benefitting from all the indepth research done by others!
I recently became a member on the Find-A-Grave site and have been researching (once again) the ancestors of my tree.  I believe I go back to your Reuben Pierce via Andrew Jackson "Jack" Pierce, but would like to use the DNA thing to verify this but fear that since there are several females in the lineage back it may be impossible to use this test.  I have joined the site and sent my lineage, but again doubt it will be helpful.  Here is my line as I believe it to be:
My name is Nancy Roberts Bray (60)
Dad is:  Claude Lennox Roberts (85)
Grandmother is:  Lecy Jane McCollum Roberts Daniels buried in Rockport Cemetery
G Grandmother is: Mattie Mae Putnam McCollum buried in Newin Cemetery Hall Co. TX
GG Grandmother is: Elizabeth Jane Pierce Putnam Price Garrison buried in Carthage, Panola, TX GGG Grandfather believed to be: Andrew Jackson "Jack" Pierce believed same as yours buried in Goat Neck GGGG Grandfather believed to be: Reuben PIerce believed same as yours buried Hall, Georgia
I believe the merge of our lines is Andrew Jackson "Jack" Pierce, and that my GG Grandmother Elizabeth Jane Pierce was the daughter who remained behind in Georgia, having already married David Lumpkin Putnam. No one seems to have further information on her in the Pierce line but I continue to search.  Her husband David Putnam died young of wounds in the war ( and she remarried to Garry D. Price having 3 or 4 more children with him.  I am a Putnam descendant.  After the death of G. D. Price, she remarried a 3rd time to John W. Garrison and the removed to Carthage, Texas.  We know this based on memoirs left by my Grandmother Lecy who received funds from the property Elizabeth divided to her children/grandchildren in Georgia when she left for Texas.  We have recently discovered she was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery there in Carthage and my sister has photo'd the headstones. 
Nancy Bray

One other thing so you don't lose a link to me eventually , I have my family tree set up on Tribalpages online (less expensive than Ancestry although I have an old one out there too but hasn't been updated in several years and I probably should upload a gedcom to it to make it more current.  I do a lot of my updating on my FTM on my laptop, but unfortunately have done a lot of it via links to other family trees and since determined some of that informtion was perhaps not correct.  I am trying to "clean it up" but is a slow go.  Sometimes it is just better to type it all in I guess.  Anyway - the links are:  njbray.tribalpages.com with password:.  The ancestry.com tree (there are 3 unfortunately and I need to delete first 2) is njbray-072210.  Will try to delete the older ones there even tonight. My most accurate tree is on tribalpages. Thanks again for your contact.

OK - thank you.  I am thinking you do not think I descended from the John R. Pierce - right?  I think he was brother to the Elizabeth Jane - Right?  Well, just wondering as he was on the new page link you set up for me.  BTW - my last name is Bray not Gray - perhaps you could change that on my linked page under New Info - 2012.  It didn't seem I could make changes there.  :)
Got your phone message today (I think you although confused by the LD Diaz name.  Thought you were LD Pierce.  Anyway, my hours are pretty messed up right now and I was sleeping when you called.  (yikes)  Definitely wish to speak with you to get a better understanding of what you do and how I might get that other Pierce to help with figuring out my line.  I feel VERY SURE I get back to Elizabeth Jane Pierce, but not if her father was Andrew Jackson 'Jack" Pierce.  I think it was correct and since one of your posts suggests the one daughter did not come to Texas with the men it lends itself to my theory.  If she is a descendant of AJ Pierce, then I think you have evidence that indicates he is the son of Reuben Pierce and Lavisa (Lovica?).  Anyway, please know I am definitely interested in pursuing this inquiry with your help.
Definitely appreciate your responses, and hope you are doing well!  If you want to call tonight that would be fine (I worry to call this late to you), or I can try calling during the day sometime - what are your best hours? 

 Nancy Bray

I wrote her this

nancy send me email direct to

dna test is good but other cousin from wilson pierce
line is real genealogist and can dig up much stuff for you (us) quickly

also send me your name address telephone etc

below from bill putman dot com

DAVID L. PUTMAN  Woodstock, Cherokee County

David Lumpkin Putman is another son of David Putman and Lecy Castleberry. He is 36 GA and his wife Jane Pierce is 28 GA. Children are Odian 9 GA, David L. Junior 7 GA, Odella 4 GA, Carol L. 2 GA and Nannie 5 months old GA. He was born December 16, 1834. He married Elizabeth Jane Pierce in Cherokee County Georgia on December 15, 1859. In the 1870 census of Cherokee County Georgia they had five children. He died January 1, 1873 from wounds received during the War. He is buried at the Sixes Methodist Church in Cherokee County. Jane will marry Gerry David Price in the mid 1870s. They are here in the 1880 census of Cherokee County  with the youngest four of these kids.

Hi LD, there is a lot more on David in my Southern Putman/Georgia/Thomas Putman on my website. Here is Dave:

DAVID LUMPKIN PUTMAN was born December 16, 1834. He married Elizabeth Jane Pierce in Cherokee County Georgia on December 15, 1859. In the 1870 census of Cherokee County Georgia they had five children. He died January 1, 1873 from wounds received during the War. He is buried at the Sixes Methodist Church in Cherokee County. In the 1880 census of Cherokee County I find Gary David Price who married his widow, Jane Pierce Putman and has four of her children with him. There is a David L. Putman also in the 1880 census who was David junior. The children were:

1 Belle Putman born December 23, 1860. She married Kinchin Rambeau Price in Cherokee County Georgia December 19, 1877. They moved to Wood County Texas with others in the family. She died in Dallas March 6, 1942.
2 David Lumpkin Putman Jr. born 1862. He married Mary Jane Thompson in Cherokee County Georgia November 2, 1885, and they were there in 1900. He is in Selma, Alabama with the family in 1910. His wife Mary Jane Thompson is widowed there in Selma in 1920 and 1930.
3 Odian Wilson Putman born April 28, 1890. He has a wife Mary in Selma, Alabama in
    1920 and 1930.
4  Samuel Lumpkin Putman born January 2, 1895. He has a wife Elsie Bowen and they are in Selma in 1930. He will die in Alabama in December 1963.
Charles David Putman born June 2, 1898. He has a wife Libbie and is in Monroeville,
    Alabama in 1930.
5  William Otis Putman born in 1901
6  Odella Putman born 1865. She married a Lovinggood.
7  Carol L. (Cassie) Putman born 1867.
8  Nancy T. Putman born 1869.
9  Martha Putman born 1872.

rusk 1860 other garrisons

23 1443 1461 GARRISON G. M. (Geo) 44 M W farmer 1,250 1,650 GA
24 1443 1461 GARRISON M.A. (Mary Ann COSPER) 42 F W . . . SC
25 1443 1461 GARRISON J. H.(James Henry) 24 M W . . 150 GA
26 1443 1461 GARRISON C.W. (Caleb Warner) 23 M W . . . GA
27 1443 1461 GARRISON E. J. (Elizabeth Jane) 20 F W . . . GA
28 1443 1461 GARRISON S. A. (Sarah Ann) 18 F W . . . GA
29 1443 1461 GARRISON E. H. (Emily Harrison) 16 F W . . . GA
30 1443 1461 GARRISON G. H. (George Hampton) 14 M W . . . GA
31 1443 1461 GARRISON Robert Franklin 12 M W . . . GA
33 1443 1461 GARRISON N. C. (Nanny Chappel) 8 F W . . . GA
34 1443 1461 GARRISON W. P. (Wm Pierce) 6 M W . . . TX
35 1443 1461 GARRISON M.A.C. (Martha Caroline) 4 F W . . . TX

1880 census

dont know who this one is

name : Andrew J. Garrison
event: Census
event date: 1880
event place: Precinct 1, Panola, Texas, United States
gender: Male
age: 37
marital status : Married
occupation : Farmer
race or color (original) :
ethnicity (standardized) : American
relationship to head : Self
birthplace : Georgia, United States
birthdate : 1843
spouse's name : Elizabeth Garrison
spouse's birthplace : Texas, United States
father's name :
father's birthplace : South Carolina, United States
mother's name :
mother's birthplace : Georgia, United States
page : 192
page character : D
entry number : 633
nara film number : T9-1322
gs film number : 1255322
digital folder number: 004244744
image number: 00392
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
self Andrew J. Garrison M 37 Georgia, United States
wife Elizabeth Garrison F 31 Texas, United States
daughter Ola L. Garrison F 4 Texas, United States



name: Walter W. Grice
gender: Male
burial date: 02 Nov 1941
burial place: Myrtle Springs, Texas
death date: 30 Oct 1941
death place: Wood Co., Texas
age: 64
birth date: 31 Mar 1877
birthplace: Quitman, Wood, Texas
occupation: Farming
race: White
marital status: Married
spouse's name:
father's name: W. S. Grice
father's birthplace: Alabama
mother's name: Elizabeth Jane Price
mother's birthplace: Georgia
indexing project (batch) number: B00013-0
system origin: Texas-EASy
source film number: 1769501
reference number: 2575

Georgia A. Pierce who married Daniel Grice is the daughter of John R. Pierce and Nancy J. Wimpey.

e:            Daniel W. Grice

groom's birth date:         

groom's birthplace:         

groom's age:     

bride's name:      Georgia A. Pierce

bride's birth date:            

bride's birthplace:            

bride's age:        

marriage date:   28 Nov 1878

marriage place: Cherke, Cherokee, Georgia

groom's father's name:  

groom's mother's name:              

bride's father's name:     

bride's mother's name:  

GRICE, Daniel                PIERCE, Georgia A.            Nov 28, 1878  E 418

groom's marital status:  

groom's previous wife's name:   

bride's race:       

bride's marital status:     

bride's previous husband's name:              

indexing project (batch) number:                M71247-2

system origin:     Georgia-EA


name:    Daniel W Grice

birthplace:           Georgia

relationship to head of household:            Self

residence:           Sugar Hill, Gwinnett, Georgia

marital status:    Married

race :     White

gender:                Male

immigration year:            

father's birthplace:           North Carolina

mother's birthplace:        South Carolina

family number:   297

page number:     16

               Household           Gender Age        Birthplace

self         Daniel W Grice   M           51y         Georgia

wife       Georgia A Grice F             48y         Georgia

dau        Nancy Grice        F             20y         Georgia

son         Joseph Grice       M           19y         Georgia

dau        Lulu Grice            F             16y         Georgia

son         Thomas W Grice               M           14y         Georgia

son         Early Grice           M           11y         Georgia

dau        Odel Grice           F             7y           Georgia

dau        Claudine Grice    F             5y           Georgia


e:            Daniel W Grice

titles & terms:   

event:    Census

event date:         1900

event place:        ED 30 Militia District 795, Big Creek, Forsyth, Georgia, United States

birth date:           Apr 1858

birthplace:           Georgia

relationship to head of household:            Head

father's birthplace:           South Carolina

mother's birthplace:        North Carolina

race or color (standardized):         White

gender:                Male

marital status:    Married

years married:    22

estimated marriage year:              1878

mother how many children:         

number living children:   

immigration year:            

page:     16

sheet letter:        B

family number:   327

reference number:           99

film number:       1240197

digital folder number:      004120058

image number:   00036

               Household           Gender Age        Birthplace

head      Daniel W Grice   M           42           Georgia

wife       Georgia A Grice F             39           Georgia

son         Willis Grice          M           19           Georgia

son         John Grice           M           17           Georgia

son         Fred Grice            M           14           Georgia

daughter              Nancy J Grice      F             12           Georgia

son         Joe Grice             M           9             Georgia

daughter              Mary L Grice       F             7             Georgia

son         Thomas W Grice               M           4             Georgia

son         Hustler Grice       M           2             Georgia

Citing this Record

wildcat gm district 1019 post office canton  june 1870

"United States Census, 1900," index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/M3NL-PNW : accessed 10 Oct 2012), Daniel W Grice, ED 30 Militia District 795, Big Creek, Forsyth, Georgia, United States; citing sheet 16B, family 327, NARA microfilm publication T623, FHL microfilm 1240197.



 PEIRCE, PUTMAN posted from Marriage Book D on Wednesday, December 15, 1859


    Groom: PUTMAN, David L.

    Bride: PEIRCE, Elizabeth

    Date Dec 15, 1859

    Book: D

    Page: 267


 GRICE, PIERCE posted from Marriage Book E on Wednesday, November 28, 1878


    Groom: GRICE, Daniel

    Bride: PIERCE, Georgia A.

    Date Nov 28, 1878

    Book: E

    Page: 418



               PURSELL, James 72 m w GA Cross Roads Dist 213 PUTNAM, Berry P 32 m w GA Wildcat Dist 266 PUTNAM, Daniel 68 m w SC Wildcat Dist 268 PUTNAM, David 62 m w KY Wildcat Dist 266 PUTNAM, David L 36 m w GA Woodstock Dist 200 PUTNAM, Eliza 70 f b SC Wildcat Dist 267 PUTNAM, Frank 17 m b GA Fairplay Dist 281 PUTNAM, Howard 20 m w GA Fairplay Dist 272 PUTNAM, James W 22 m w GA Wildcat Dist 268 PUTNAM, John B 25 m w GA Wildcat Dist 268 PUTNAM, Odian




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