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Message Michele Taylor Re Fannie Pierce JKP Taylor Johnson county Texas

Ruidosa NM Aug 8 2015 Dear Dan & LD,

Here is the front of a postcard with King Walter Taylor visiting his parents grave at a Twin Oaks Cemetery in Cleburne...JKP & Fannie. The back of the postcard is addressed to Mrs. Mannie Wilbanks. I have acquired many photos from King's grandson John Watson who lives in Amarillo. He was not born until 1943 but he does refer to Rhoda as Aunt Rhoda. He remembers one of Rhoda's daughters, I think the youngest one, being in Amarillo and visiting with them. Anyway, I am still convinced that Fannie Pierce is Jeremy's relation. King's obit is in this e-mail...not that I intended to send it.

Talk to you guys soon!  michele

LDP Writes:  *(here is link to those photos
I am also putting in web folder and at bottom of this page)
This link is a one drive shared folder

Ruidosa NM Aug 7 2015

On the 1880 census in Taylor Co., TX, there is a C. B. Taylor, female age 2, in the family of J.K.P. Taylor.
On the 1900 census in Johnson Co., TX, you have the family of James A. Sanderlin and wife Beulah, with children Ray and Nina.  Also living in the household are James’ brother Charles Sanderlin and his brother-in-law Charles Taylor (b. 1886).
Dan P.
From: michele
Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2015 8:09 PM
To: Dan Pierce
Subject: Re: Kings Pics Part 3
Hello Dan,
I just finished speaking with Nelda Reed-Vernon-Watkins a granddaughter to Rhoda.  Nelda's mother was Wanda.  Anyway, she is going to look through her stuff to find out more about Fannie. 
The more I find I don't think that the story about Grandpa George Taylor being adopted is true.  You know how those family stories go.  John Watson, Kings grandson, told me that King was out on his own at the age of 14.  Since acquiring all of these photos I have found that there is another sibling by the name of Beulah Cleo Taylor, born after George Franklin.  Beulah married James Albert Sanderlin and in 1906 died after having their fourth child.  The female infant, Eula, died on May 05, 1906 and Beulah died April 24, 1906. One of the photos that John sent was one of a male child by the name of Raymond Sanderlin and someone wrote on the photo..Kings relation. 
You didn't miss an e-mail with Part 2.  John had broken the pictures up into sections so what I sent to you with the postcard was Part 1 of that bunch.
Talk to you later and I am working hard on finding more good stuff!

Glendale CA Dan Pierce Aug 5 2015

Re: Kings Pics Part 3
dan pierce    8/05/15
To: michele, Pierce, LD

The more information you find, the more it looks like Fannie Kansas Pierce must be the daughter of Andrew J. Pierce and Nancy Abercrombie. This post card sent to Mrs. Mannie Wilbanks, c/o A.J. Wilbanks, and the reference to Aunt Rhoda make it rather convincing.

The thing that still bothers me a little is that I think you said there was a rumor that George F. Taylor was adopted by JKP Taylor, and the 1880 census seems to be in line with that rumor. That fact wouldn’t mean that George F. is not the son of Fannie Kansas Pierce, but then it means you have to explain JKP and Fannie being married in 1873 and George F. being the son of some other man.

Anyway, I think the adoption story was probably referring to JKP Taylor being the one who was adopted. But with that explanation out of the way, the 1880 census is still very curious.

Anyway, keep finding good stuff.

Dan P.


june 21
I found this marriage record for G.W. Pierce, Jr. and a Fannie C. Taylor in 1889. Grover Cleveland Pierce was born in 1890 and in the 1900 Census record George Washington Pierce was listed as a widower.

Any thoughts on this piece of information is welcome.
I will call the Johnson County library tomorrow and see if there is an obituary.


June 19
I don't know if this went through he first time. Anyway, here is King's death certificate and according to Virginia King was Nannie Lena Taylor-Walker's brother.

Let me know what you think. Have a great day!

Here is King's death certificate. According to Virginia King was Nannie Lena Taylor-Walker's brother.

Let me know what you guys think. Have a great day!



June 18
i Dan & LD,

Today I was able to speak with a living granddaughter of Nannie Lena Taylor-Walker and she shared quite a bit of information with me regarding Nannie.

Virginia gave me two names that I have not heard of or seen in any of my research. One was King Taylor that Virginia said was Nannie's brother and the other was a Florence. She could not remember if Florence was a relative or just a close family friend. In searching King Taylor I found a death certificate on www.familysearch.com for a King W. Taylor that was born in 1883 and died October 19, 1954 in Amarillo, Texas. I found a birth record for a Vinnie Florence Taylor born to King W. Taylor and Donna Blanche Allison. On King's death certificate it states that his father was JAMES TAYLOR and his mother was CANCE PIERCE. Oh, on Florence's birth record it states that King was born in Johnson County, Texas. Florence was born August 18, 1917 in Big Spring, Texas.

What do you think?


June 3
I truly think that we are getting ever so closer to finding out who the mystery people are.

Last night I found a second obituary for George Franklin Taylor and lo and behold there was a surviving sister, and her name was Mrs. W.H. Walker of Littlefield, and yes it was Texas, aka Nannie Lena Taylor. Her death certificate indicates that her father was Jim Taylor and mother's maiden name was Abacrumby. I started putting this information on the Taylor tree.

One of the census records it has a man by the name of Grover C. Pierce, listed as a brother-in-law. Does this name sound familiar?

I am so excited and it some ways it is a little bitter-sweet because half the fun is trying to find our relatives. I think you both know what I mean.

Have a great evening to you both!


June 6 Dan Pierce California

In 1910, Grover C. Pierce was living in the household of William H. Walker and wife Nannie Lena Taylor, listed as bro-in-law of W.H. Walker.

In 1916 Grover married Minnie Walker. It appears that Minnie’s father was Andrew Jackson Walker who was the older brother of William H. Walker. So Minnie was the niece of William H. Walker.

As for Grover C. Pierce, he could have been bro-in-law to W. H. Walker by being previously married to W. H. Walker’s sister, but that is unlikely because of the ages and because he is listed as single in 1910. So he must have been the brother of Nannie Lena Taylor.

It is not clear that the wife of J. K. P. Taylor on the 1880 census is Fannie Kansas Pierce. But if it actually is, then she was the mother of Nannie Lena Taylor.

If Grover C. Pierce was in fact a brother of Nannie Lena Taylor Walker, then the 1910 census indicates that they only share the same mother, not the same father. Nannie Lena Taylor was born in 1881 and Grover C. Pierce was born in 1891. So if Nannie Lena Taylor’s mother was Fannie Kansas Pierce, then Grover C. Pierce’s mother was also Fannie Kansas Pierce. In this case, there are a couple scenarios for how Grover’s surname because Pierce. However, I am not completely convince that Nannie Lena Taylor’s mother was Fannie Kansas Pierce.

I will accept that George Franklin Pierce’s mother was Fannie Kansas Pierce, but it is possible that J.K.P. Taylor remarried between the time George Franklin and Nannie Lena were born. If that is the case, then it is likely that J.K.P. Taylor’s second wife (mother of Nannie Lena Taylor) was remarried to a Pierce between the time Nannie Lena and Grover C. were born.

I know it’s a lot of speculation, but when you can find any documents, you have to start speculating. And being as this all happened in the 20 year span between the 1880 and 1900 census, it makes things more difficult. And also the fact that a lot of these related families in Hill Co. and Johnson Co., TX seem to have moved back and forth between Texas and Indian Territory (for which there are not good records during that time). So anything could have happened.

At any rate, my interest in all this is to determine whether Fannie Kansas Pierce (wife of J. K. P. Taylor) is related to my Pierce family from Georgia.

Dan P.

June 6 Michelle Ruidosa NM
Thank you for all of your hard work. Last night I found a James J. Taylor married to a Nannie living in Hill County in 1900. It was ED 41 Justice Precinct 2 (west part). James Taylor states that he was born in Arkansas and parents in Mississippi. Nannie states that she was born in Mississippi and parents born in South Carolina. Although we don't have good birth dates for either one of these people I am questioning the dates on the census. The other census I found, www.familysearch.org, was an 1880 census with a James Taylor and Nannie with a 5 month old son named James. I found these by putting in Nannie Lena Taylor's name looking for a marriage certificate in Hill County. I called the Hill county clerk's office yesterday and they said there was not a marriage certificate.

Thanks Dan. I have a few errands to run this afternoon and then I will begin again on this group. I have contacted a person on Ancestry that is related to the Walker side in hopes that they might have some info. I will let you know what I find out from that person.

Have a good afternoon.


June 3 Dan Pierce

I think our Grover C. Pierce was married in Johnston Co., OK in 1916 to Minnie Walker.

They lived in Johnston Co., OK in June 1917 when he registered for the draft (and his invalid father was a dependent)

Grover was born in Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX (WW-I Draft Reg. Card)

He died in June 1918 and is buried in Johnston Co., OK.

Grover and Minnie had a son Woodrow Wilson Pierce in Oct. 1918 born in Milburn, Johnston Co., OK

Grover lived with W. H. and Nannie Walker in 1910

Minnie and son Woodrow W. Pierce were living with her parents in Carter Co., OK in 1920

June 3 Michelle Ruidosa NM
Subject: Re: JKP Taylor/Fannie Kansas Pierce

I just found another 1900 Census with Grover C. in it and his father is listed as Thomas Pierce and mother is Mary.

We have two Grover C.'s...it looks like.


June 3 Dan Pierce California

Well that’s interesting. If Nannie Lena she was born in Taylor Co., TX in 1881 like her death certificate says, then it makes sense that the J.K.P. Taylor on the 1880 census in Taylor Co., TX is her father and the G. F. in the household is George Franklin Taylor.

However the wife of J.K.P. Taylor on the 1880 census appears to be T. C. Taylor. I suppose that could be Fannie Kansas going by a different name.

Its interesting that Nannie Lena’s mother’s maiden name is given as Abacrumby. Actually, it would have been her grandmother’s maiden name that was Abercrombie if her mother was Fannie Kansas Pierce.

And I haven’t seen the name Grover C. Pierce before, but it doesn’t make sense that he is the brother of Nannie Lena – since her maiden name is Taylor. Except that the 1910 census shows that the birthplace of the father of each of them is different, while the birthplace of their mother’s are the same – Georgia. So I think I remember seeing that J.K.P. Taylor died in the 1880s. If his wife had Grover C. in 1891, then either he took her maiden name when he got older because he didn’t know who his father was, or Fannie Kansas (Pierce) Taylor remarried to a Pierce. Whoa!


June 2 Michele Ruidosa New Mexico

mltaylor re Mollie Mims
Did you get a hold of Miss Mollie?

How are you doing today? Today has been a helter skelter day for me. I usually have Tuesdays off, but I had to work and then run errands....Wal-Mart!!!! I hate Wal-Mart.

Shirley Greenhill, her husband Wayne is your cousin too, and I had an idea to check mental hospital census records in hopes of maybe finding Fannie....no such luck so far. At one point in time Laverne and George lived in Graham, Texas and their oldest daughter, Cathey and her daughter, lived with them. Anyway this daughter Asenith had told Shirley that Grandpa George Taylor use to take off to Wichita Falls to see his step or half brothers. Is this fact or fiction???? We got the wild idea that since we can't find Fannie that maybe George was going to see her in the mental hospital. At the time there was a mental hospital by the name of Northwest Texas Insane Asylum. I found 2 Taylor's but no Fannie. This was a 1930 Census report.

I have to go start dinner. Have a nice evening.


May 30 Michele Taylor Ruidosa NM
Dan & LD, attachment 3

Look towards the bottom of the page and you will see James K. Polk Taylor and Fannie Kansas Pierce. I spoke with Robert sometime back and he could not remember much about his research since he had done the research quite a few years back from speaking with me. I found a relative of his that still lives in Hill County and she did not remember a James K. Polk. The aunt gave me her daughter's name, who has apparently done some research on the family, but I have never received a return e-mail.

I will respond to your last e-mail this afternoon.


May 29 Michele Taylor Ruidosa NM

Fw: DNA Match

To: Pierce, LD

----- Original Message -----
From: michele
To: Dan Pierce
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: DNA Match


I apologize for the delayed response...we have no electricity or internet because of all the "experts" in both of these fields. Rural living is so great!!!!! ;)

Okay, I have purposely not put any information about Fannie Kansas Pierce because I have no concrete dates other than the marriage certificate.

The marriage certificate has not been on Ancestry for very long and I acquired my copy from www.familysearch.org. I ordered the film and had it sent here to our local library.

I have not seen the marriage record for this Fannie and Andy Gatewood.

The death certificate for Grandpa George Taylor...the informant was his second wife and apparently she did not know a hill of beans about the family. I have been in touch with the clerk's office in Hill County and there is not a birth record for George, not even a delayed birth certificate. That is in question although I think that is probably right????

I did know the name of Jeremy's great-grandparents before the marriage certificate because in Jeremy's mother's handwriting it is in his baby book. I think we are pretty positive that we have the right people.

There is a woman who has a family tree and her information is off of David and Adeline Pierce's Fannie. I had to ask her to take us off of her tree because nothing was matching up. When you put David's name in the DNA search he doesn't come up with any matches.

Here is an interesting fact...Marcia Tinder has a surname match of Donham which is supposedly JKP's mother's surname. Her name was Mary "Polly" Donham married to Samuel B. Taylor. Mary is buried in the Derden Cemetery in Hill County. There is gentleman by the name of Robert Taylor who put all of this info together on Roots Web. Robert has put a date of 1936, Hill County, that JKP died. I can't find him anywhere. I have called the local library trying to find an obituary and there is none to be found. Another dead end.

I will check out the names that you sent. Marcia has been a very good match.

If you want any of the info on Fannie J. Pierce, David and Adeline's daughter I can send it to you. She married a Chassard in Hill County and then Ingram "Judge" Johnson.

Can't wait to hear back from you. I hope I have addressed all of the issues. This has been an on and off search for the last 6 years. I did call LD about 5 years ago and he did not think that Jeremy was part of the Pierce's, but with the DNA results I truly think he is.


May 29 Dan Pierce Calif
DNA Results
Hello Michele,

Other than the 1860 census, we have no information about Fannie Pierce, the daughter of Andrew J. Pierce and Nancy Abercrombie. L.D. is descended from Andrew J. Pierce and Nancy Abercrombie, but I am not. I am descended from his brother Wilson Pierce.

I looked at your tree and I see that you don’t have any information about your Fannie Kansas Pierce, other than the record of marriage to J.K.P. Taylor in 1873.

I see that the marriage record is on Ancestry.com, and it surprised me a little that I had not seen it before. Maybe that is a more recent database that has been posted on Ancestry.com.

There is also a marriage record in Johnson Co., TX for Fannie Pierce to Andy Gatewood on 22 Oct 1871. I have assumed that this was probably the Fannie from the 1860 census, but was never able to find any evidence of them after the marriage.

I also see that there is a death certificate for your George Franklin Taylor on Ancestry.com. It gives his mother’s name as “Fannie Kansas” and says they don’t know where she was born.

Unfortunately, George F. Taylor’s parents are hard to identify on any census records.

So for the first question I have...did you know that the surname of J.K.P. Taylor’s wife was Pierce before you found the marriage record?

Anyway, I think L.D. said that it is your husband that is descended from this Fannie K. Pierce. If your husband and I have a DNA match and we can prove it is through the Pierce line, that is a pretty good indication that Fannie K. Pierce is in fact the daughter of Andrew J. Pierce and Nancy Abercrombie.

Now the more DNA matches that we share in common on the Pierce line, the more conclusive it becomes that we are both descended from the same Pierce ancestor.

So below are the usernames for DNA matches that I have that I know descend from Reuben Pierce – the father of my Wilson Pierce and L.D.s Andrew J. Pierce. If you are able to find DNA matches for J.T. to several of these same people, then it is almost certain that you descend from Reuben Pierce, and more specifically Andrew J. Pierce – since his was the only offspring of Reuben living in Texas at that time.

When you are on the page for DNA matches, hit the Search Matches button on the right side. Then put in Pierce in the Search by Surname field and hit Search. This will filter down your matches to just those who have the surname Pierce in their tree. Then you will be able to scan these matches for the usernames below. Let me know which ones of these you find matches to.

tworunga1 (that’s me)

jennifer gourley

C.R. (administered by reedcity)

K.W. (administered by reedcity)

M. K. C. (administered by MARCIA_TINDER)


M. L. E. (administered by RandallTPierce)





D. P.




Donald Berry

A.W. (administered by suemorsewilson)

P.M. (administered by jlarryc)

Steve Cox

Margaret Kath

Good luck,

Dan P.

May 25 to LD Pierce

Yes, I’ve written to you about the Fannie Pierce to Andy Gatewood marriage before, but I never was able to identify this Andy Gatewood in any census records before or after the marriage – nor any other type of records.

May 24 Brad Pierce Pierce Dna Site
re DNA Match Ancestry
OK LD. I'll email Michele and if she wants a brief pedigree posted at the site if she will send me one. Or do you or Dan need to do it for her? Since it is autosomal DNA, it will have to be posted under our new autosomal pedigree page, instead of on the KK page as there is not a Ydna match but an autosomal match with you all. I can mention on the autosomal page however, that the family has known ties to group KK in the genealogy record.

She mentioned that her husband is matching Pierces on ancestry.com. I am assuming those matching Pierces on ancestry are ones who have lines matching a common ancestor with you and Dan--that they share ancestors with KK Pierces. Is that right? Brad

May 25 Brad Pierce Pierce Dna Site
Re Dna Match
Subject: Re: PIERCE group KK

Hi LD, it is nice to hear from you again. I'm very sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. Sound's like a very tough time for you this last year.

Ancestry.com really has made a mess of things with Y DNA. They ditched their use of Y DNA and closed down all of their YDNA groups, so that is why you can't submit your results to their database. Hard to believe that they would do that, but with them it likely was all related to money. They are now offering only their autosomal DNA product which cannot be compared with the results in our Pierce YDNA group. It's sort of like comparing apples to oranges.

Family tree dna's Family Finder is a similar product to the current product offered by Ancestry.com

If someone has tested at ancestry.com they can upload results to family tree dna's database to compare with those who have done family finder at FTDNA. Ancestry.com will not allow one to upload FTDNA's results.

I did get an email from Michelle Taylor and will get back with her today. About all that I've been able to do with the autosomal testers at both ancestry.com and FTDNA is accept a pedigree and post on our website. The DNA results just can't be compared.

I hope that the next year is a better one for you. Brad

May 23 Michele Taylor Ruidosa NM

How nice it was to get to speak with you this afternoon. I wanted to let you know that you have an open invitation to come to Ruidoso anytime. We'd love to have you.

If and when we get to Texas do we need to contact any one person to get permission for entrance to the Pierce Cemetery?

Thanks again for responding to my e-mail and our phone conversation was very nice.

Our best to you,


May 26 Michele Taylor Ruidosa NM
My first question is does the Pierce family still have the family reunion?

About 6-7 years ago I began researching my husbands family. His grandfather was George Franklin Taylor, father was James K. Polk Taylor, mother was Fannie Kansas Pierce. I know there is a Fannie born in Cherokee County, Georgia with no other information available. JKP Taylor and Fannie Kansas Pierce were married in Hill County, TX on September 1873. Neither one are no where to be found. My husband and I just received our DNA results and Jeremy is definitely related to the Pierce line. Actually in more ways than one. His grandmother was Lavurne Wilbanks. Is there possibly any new information regarding our mysterious Fannie Pierce?

I appreciate any help that can be offered.


Michele Taylor

June 25 Dan Pierce California
On the link you sent me, I was able to find her username, and from that I found that I do have a DNA match to the account name J. T. (which she administers). Since her tree is private, I could not see any information about the DNA match, so I had no idea that it was a match on the Pierce line.

I sent her a request to allow me access to her tree.

This is good news if both Marcia Tinder and I have a close match to her husband.



Mau 25 2015 Michele Ruidosa NM
have to work this morning but will start out with this....

James K. Polk Taylor

DOB 1845 in Itawamba, Mississippi...I have called the library looking for records and birth records were not kept by 1845 and at some point in time the family migrated to Hill. JKP's mother Mary Donham-Taylor died in Hill County and is buried in Derden Cemetery. The Donham surname comes up as a match in Jeremy's DNA. Samuel B. Taylor moved to Williamson County, Texas after the death of Mary...he is buried in Williamson County.

Fannie Kansas Pierce......still looking. Marriage record in Hill County, 13 Sep 1873 to James K. Polk Taylor.

George Franklin Taylor:

his death certificate states that he was born in Hill County. I have called the clerk's office and there is nor birth record for Grandpa Taylor. The very nice woman even looked in the delayed birth records. Married Lavurne Wilbanks and they are both buried in Graham, TX, which we are wondering why they did not request burial at the Baker-Lain Cemetery. We're wondering if there is some connection to Graham with George Franklin?????

N.L. Taylor born in Graham, Texas, 09 Feb 1910 and died on 04 Apr 1994. Married Kathryn Jean Stephens in Las Cruces, NM and then made his life in El Paso. Jean and N.L. moved back to Abilene in there very last years of life and are buried there.

May 25 Michele Ruidosa NM RE Pierce famiy

It is N.L. Taylor, father was George Franklin Taylor, grandparents were James K. Polk Taylor and Fannie Kansas Pierce.

I will work on the GEDcom file tomorrow.

Our address is:

Jeremy & Michele Taylor

Ruidosa, NM 88312

Talk to you soon.




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