Photos Funeral of Grandma
Julia Hibbs Faus McManus Sept 11 2002

Ochiltree Cemetery Perryton Texas
She Passed away Sept 09 2002 at home in Gage OK.
In her final days she was cared for by her daughters
Illeen Willison and Phyllis Mann.
They did a very difficult job well.

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Julia Hibbs Faus McManus Sept 20 1911-Sept 09 2002
By Ruby Saltness
(read at funeral)

 Julia Rosa Hibbs was born September 20,1911 in Beaver County Oklahoma.  To Samuel Robert and Lura Bell Hibbs.  She had two younger siblings, Ruth Jo Reardon and Lawrence Dell Hibbs who preceded her in death.

The family moved to Ochiltree County when she was very small, then later moved to Hansford County where Mr. Hibbs had extensive ranching endeavors.  Julia helped her dad on the ranch, riding horses, repairing fence and many other duties that cowboys do, while her sister helped Mrs. Hibbs in the house and cooking.  The children went to schools in Hansford, Ochiltree and Perryton.

Julia met and married Rube Faus after a long courtship in February 1930.   

In December the same year Rosa Amelia was born to the union.

They moved to Colorado where Rube worked in the CCC camps during the great depression.  The winters were very harsh there and they moved back to the Texas Panhandle.  Harry Elmer Faus Was born in Perryton, Tx September 1932, followed by Juanita Lois in December 1933, Bertha Illeen November 1935, Ruby Joyce, may 1937 and Phyllis Inez July 1944.

Rube and Julia went into the Bootmaking business in 1933 and during this time period  Julia also ran the Spearman Hotel where the kids loved to slide down the banister.  They moved to Amarillo during the war years where they had a successful boot shop and shoe repair business all during WW11.  After the war they returned to Spearman and resumed a boot shop in the same location.  Julia also operated a laundry for app. Five years.

That marriage was dissolved in 1960.

 She married Homer McManus that same year. He soon became a quadriplegic and she cared for him alone for many years, he passed away in 1987 and Rube had passed away in 1981.  

 She is also proceeded in death by two daughters, Rosa Amelia, 1996, and Juanita Lois, 1995,  three grandchildren, Calvin Pierce 1978, Richard Pierce 1987 and Jammie Pierce  in 2001.

 She is survived by four remaining children, Harry, Bertha, Ruby and Phyllis. 22 grandchildren and numerous grand children and great great grand children.

 Grandma Julia was loved by all and will be missed by all.



Julia Hibbs Faus McManus Sept 20 1911-Sept 09 2002
By Harry Faus
(not read at funeral)

On September 20th, 1911 Julia Rosa Hibbs was born to Samuel Robert Hibbs and Lura Bell Luke Hibbs in Beaver County, Oklahoma. Her sister, Ruth Reardon and her brother, Lawrence preceded her in death.

She moved with her family to Ochiltree County as an infant. The young family had both ranch and farmland, which had expanded, into Hansford County as the children matured.

Julia graduated high school at Waka. In 1930, She was Married to Ruben Faus, Their Children were: Rosa Amelia, Dec 1930, Harry, Sept 1932, Juanita, Dec 1933, Bertha Illeen, Nov 1935, Ruby, May 1937, and Phyllis, July 1944.

They had experienced the hardships of the Great Depression, and a severe drought when Rube traded his farm equipment for bootmaking and shoe repair tools in 1933, in Spearman. During the War years they had moved to Amarillo. When a recession began to effect the family, they moved back to Spearman in 1948 and reopened the boot shop there and entered into a laundry business.

In 1960, Julia and Rube dissolved their union, after which Julia joined Homer McManus in marriage. Ruben died in 1981, and homer passed in 1987. Daughters Jaunita died in 1995 and Rosa died in 1996. In addition to the surviving children, there are 25 grandchildren more than 30 Great grandchildren. She loved by all and will be greatly missed by her many descendents.


Service End Prayer by Bertha Illeen Willison

Father, we thank Thee for giving us the strength and opportunity to honor our mother in the time of her need, I thank Thee for releasing her from her suffering, and pray that you hold her in your arms, take her home, and give her everlasting love and peace.  Bless those of us who are left behind, and help us in our struggle to overcome our grief, that we may love and support each other for the rest of our lives. We thank Thee for our friends and relations who have gathered to pay their respects and offer their love and support to our family in our time of grief.




Julia Hibbs Faus McManus
Obituary Card
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Julia Hibbs Faus McManus
Obituary Card Amarillo Daily New Online
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I, Julia Hibbs (Faus) McManus was born September 20, 1911 in Beaver County Oklahoma. My parents were Robert and Lura Luke Hibbs. My father Rob Hibbs was born in Kansas and came to Beaver County with his parents in 1883. His father was an ox-team freighter for the Army from Dodge City to Tascosa, Texas and Miami, Texas. Beaver Okla. was half-way. Papa first saw the Mulock State Station, northwest of Hansford where the road crossed the Palo Duro Creek, about 1886, on a freighting trip with his father. He went to work as a chore boy on a ranch in Hansford County in 1890, they bought their supplies at Farwell east of where Gruver is now. Papa filed on land in Beaver County, Oklahoma in the early 1900's. He came back to Hansford (County) with Irv Steele and helped the Steeles locate there. Lura Luke came to Hansford County in 1906 with her parents Ethan Allen Luke and Luke. E.A. Luke was a civil engineer, he got a contract to build a bridge the first in Hansford County, on the Palo Duro Creek at Old Hansford. He later joined with Tom and Charley Crowley to form the Alamo Irrigation Ditch Company and built two dams on the Palo Duro Creek; one at Mulock and one on the Crowly Ranch (the Huff Wright Place). He also built a bridge on the J.I. Steele Ranch and many fireplaces and brick chimneys Lura Luke went to Beaver, Oklahoma to visit her brother and met and married Robert Hibbs in 1908. Rob Hibbs got a letter from J.I. Steele telling him of the Mulock place and some surrounding land that was for sale. He came to Hansford County and bought the Mulock place and four sections in Hansford and four sections of a-joining land in Ochiltree County. Our neighbors were; Simmons, O'Loughlins, Andrews, Steeles, and the Powers to the south. Bertrands, McMurry, Newcomb, Crowleys,James, Burks, and Lukes to the north and west. My sister Ruth (Reardon) and brother Lawerence Hibbs were born at the old Mulock Place. We attended school at New Hope which was held in the church (Huff's Chapel) as the old sod at New Hope School-house was unsafe by that time. They later built a new schoolhouse on the site of the old sod Newcomb Place. I married Ruben Paul Faus in February 1930 and moved to Spearman where we raised our family except for the war years in Amarillo. They are: Rosa Amelia (Steele) 12/21/30; Harry Elmer, 9/l4/32; Jaunita Lois (Pierce), 12/l 5/33; Bertha lleen (Willison) 11/5/35; Ruby Joyce (Saltnes) 5/5/ 37; Phyllis lnez (Mann) 7/5/44. Homer McManus was born in Brownwood, Texas, grew up in Slaton, his father was an Engineer for the Santa Fe Railroad. Homer went to work for the railroad when he finished high school in 1926, he transferred to Amarillo in 1929 but left during the depression for lack of seniority. He came to work in the oilfield in 1956. Homer and I married in Perryton in 1960 and lived in South Texas some years. And have lived in Amarillo since 1977.

By Julia Hibbs McManus from: Hansford County History Vol 1 1980 page 211


the last two photos I took of Grandma Julia
Grandma would not let me take them so
I got Tina (susie's daugher)
to take them for me
Grandma got a little bit mad at Tina for Taking
these two photos but not that mad!!
LD Pierce