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 This is a collage or index photo that LD Pierce made in DEC 1999
 of all the small photos that everybody had made in those photos booths
Top Row: Bertha Faus, 2, Julia Faus Leona Bowling 3. Jl and ?? 4. Rosie Faus
2nd Row:  Juanita and Rosa Faus. 2. Bill Dillo and JL Pierce 
3. Ruby and Juanita Faus with JL Pierce 4. Pepper Burns, JL Pierce and ??
3rd Row: Two shots of Juania Faus Right photo is Rosa and Juanita Faus again.
Bottom Row:  Juanita and Rosie Faus, 2. Rosie Faus 3. Ruby and Juanita Faus


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