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This page contains Biographies of:

1. WESLEY HIBBS By Venus Hibbs Blosser
 Lord Mayor of Dublin Ireland
  By Julia Faus


My great  great great grandfather was Amos Hibbs
My great  great grandfather was Robert Samuel Hibbs II.
My grandmother was Julia Luke Hibbs


Wesley Hibbs  Biography and family History
From Beaver or NW OK History book

 Submitted and written by Venus Hibbs Blosser

The pioneer Hibbs families, consisting of four brothers together with their families, came to No Man�s Land in the early part of the year of 186 from Walnut, Neosho County, Kansas.  Prior to that they live in and near Springfield and Bloomington, Illinois.  They made the trip by covered wagons.  Asa and Mary Hibbs, and family, Peter Hibbs, a bachelor brother, and Wesley and Emily Hibbs, and their family all settled on Clear Creek, twelve and one miles south of Beaver City. (Now Oklahoma)

        Members of the Wesley and Emily Hibbs family were the following: Wessie who was a deaf mute: Ed: John: and Grace who was the pride of the family: However, at the tender age of sixteen years she was stricken with a serious illness which claimed her life, leaving the pioneer family grief stricken in the early days of their life on the new frontier.

        Wesley and Emily Hibbs were humble, devout.  God Fearing Christians, and their influence on the entire community still lives in the hearts of those who remain and were privileged to know them.  Wesley Hibbs was an able Bible Scholar, and also a good singer, and this enabled him to read and teach the Bible at the local gathering of the neighbors and friends when they met regularly for Bible study and Christian worship services.  The first sod home built by the Hibbses was cut with a sod cutter and established twelve and � miles south of Beaver City.  The land is owned and occupied now by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ellis.


        The tree sons of Wesley Hibbs settled near the parental home.  Wessie�s claim was one-half mine south and one-fourth mile east.  John�s claim joined Wessie�s on the south and Ed settled west of the family home.  All were on Clear Creek, enabling them to have fresh spring water running through their land for their livestock for their families.  They broke the sod so they would be able to raise feed for livestock and plant gardens and fruit trees for family use.  The streams had abundant fish for food for all the settlers.


        Entertainment enjoyed by the early settlers, besides their worship services held regularly, were old time picnics with lemonade by the barrel, square and round dancing, horse racing, horse shoe pitching, spelling bees and community programs where everyone took part.  The early day pioneers were a happy and contented people working hard and long hours for a livelihood.


        The three sons married and reared families.  Wessie married Miss Georgia Nichols of Mullinsville, Ks, who was a deaf mute classmate.  They both attending school for the deaf at Olathe, Ks. They were married in 1906 and made their home on Wessie�s Claim on Clear Creek near Elmwood.  Their life together was a very short as Wessie was stricken with pneumonia after a short illness he passed away in 1908, leaving his widow and eight month old daughter, Venus.  His widow continued to live at the farm home until her death in 1950.


        Venus married Elmer Blosser, the son of another pioneer family on Clear Creek, and lives near her parental home with her husband on their farm in Elmwood vicinity.  The original house built by Wessie B Hibbs in 1904 still stands.  It is a square cement block and has been added on to and made modern inside by the present owners of the farm, Georgia�s grandson and wife Dickie and Barbara Yates.

        Ed Hibbs was married to Miss Mattie Kile daughter of Henry and Harriet Kile of Elmwood vicinity.  Seven children were born to this Hibbs family.  Bertha, the oldest was married to the late Frank Cross, and they had one son, Rufus, who married Elizabeth Paasch from Knowles and now lives in Beaver.


        Herbert, the oldest son, was married to the late Tanie Hunt.  They have four living Children:  P. O. Hibbs, Beaver County Commissioner, married Louella Smith and lives in Beaver:  Delia is married to Homer Rose, and lives in the state of Oregon: Helen lives with her husband, Frank Slovacek on their farm near Booker.  Leroy lives with his wife Eloise (Hancock) in Beaver.


        Ted Hibbs lives with his wife, Alta (Reeves) at their county home near Mountain Grove, Missouri.  Their family consisted of Lorraine, who with her husband Nelson Pointer and two children live near by on their farm; Elaine, and her husband Paul Pegram and son of nearby Kansas City, Missouri; and Ted Jr., and his wife Dorothy and two children who live in Andrews, TX.


        The remaining family of Grace Hibbs Coleman, deceased, are her husband Francis Coleman, two daughters, Mrs. Al (Vera) Sandlin, and Mrs. Jack (Thelma) Lamaster of Calif.  Her late son, Irvin, a prominent member of the famous Baja Marimba Band of the Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass for many years, preceded his mother in death a few months.  His family consists of his widow, Elenor, and two sons.


        Ralph, (deceased) whose family consisted of a son and daughter; Edward of Enid, who lives with his wife Edna Mae; Louisa, Mrs. Chester Bartel, lives with her husband and son Toby Libbs on their farm north of Perryton.  Ralph�s widow, Opal, is married to Otto Roper and lives on a farm near Boyd.


        John Hibbs, married the former Libby Blosser, daughter of Solmon and Sara Blosser.  They had four daughters and one son: Laura, Lottie, Geral, Clara, and Clay.  Death claimed the four daughters at an early age.  Clay married Elsie Groendye and their son, Gene, and his wife Virginia and two children are the only members of the late John Hibbs family surviving.


        All of the pioneers Hibbs family have passed on with the exception of Bertha Cross, Herbert Hibbs, Ted Hibbs, and Venus Blosser.  All of the deceased are laid to rest in Beaver Cemetery.  Submitted and written by Venus Hibbs Blosser



McDermott Family Lord Mayor of Dublin Ireland

F208 Beaver Oklahoma History Book By Julia Faus

I Julia Hibbs got this from my father Robert Hibbs in June of 1946.

          McDermott Lord Mayor of Dublin Ireland was born in Dublin Ireland about 1795.  He had two children John, born about 1820 and Ellen, born about 1825.  Both were born in Dublin.  John married and came to America in 1847.  He went into the import trade and mercantile business in Chicago.  He had three children by his first wife.  She died in 1856.  He remarried later and had several more children.

          Donald McDonald I and II were born in Scotland.  Daniel McDonald II was a sailor and world traveler.  He settled for a time in France.  He married a French girl and had a son Daniel III who was born about 1820 in France.  Daniel III grew to manhood in France where he learned the ironsmith trade.  About 1840 he went to Dublin, Ireland and found work in Lord Mayor McDermott�s carriage house shop, repairing carriages and harnesses.

          There he met Ellen McDermott; they fell in love but her father did not approve of the commoner.  They eloped and got married in 1854.  Her father disinherited her but allowed them to live in a room over the carriage house.  They lived there about a year and in the spring of 1847 Daniel and Ellen McDonald sailed to America.  Their first child Rosa Ann was born July 11, 1847, three days before the ship docked.  Rosa�s birth was recorded some months later in Albany NY where they settled.  Their son Daniel Mark was born in Albany NY in 1850.  In 1854 he was working his trade of blacksmith, a silver of hot steel went into his eye.  Daniel McDonald died in 1854.  Ellen Took Rosa to her aunt in Massachusetts where she went to convent school.  She took four-year-old Daniel Mark and worked for her keep until her brother�s wife died, then she took Daniel Mark to Chicago and stayed with her brother John McDermott until he remarried.  Ellen remarried soon after.

Ellen McDermott McDonald married Michael Whalen in 1858 in Chicago, Illinois and when Rosa Ann McDonald was twelve years old she went to Chicago to live with her mother and stepfather.  Ellen and Michael Whalen had four children, John, Mary, Ellen, and Michael.  John and Ellen died in childhood.  Rosa married Amos Hibbs about 1872.  The Hibbs, McDonalds, and Whalens all moved to Kansas, in 1878.  Daniel Mark McDonald went into the mercantile business in Kansas.  Amos Hibbs and the Whalens were farmers.  Michael Whalen was the only child of Ellen�s born in Kansas.

Amos and Rosa Hibbs had six children born in Illinois and four born in Kansas, and one born in Oklahoma Territory where they moved in 1886.


Daniel Mark McDonald had three sons.  He died about 1900, his wife and sons moved to Gage, OK in 1900 and established a mercantile store, which they operated for twenty-five years.  Mary Whalen married John Craiger in Kansas where they remained the rest of their lives.  Michael Whaley married in Kansas and moved to Gage OK for a while then to California.  We have lost track of this family.


I copied this from Papa�s record in 1946.  His records were destroyed or lost after his death in September of 1946

Julia Faus Hibbs McManus6



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NEW Hibbs Faus Luke#1  Jan 2000 Photo Gallery Of Julia Faus McManus 
Hibbs Faus Luke#2  Jan 2000 Photo Gallery of Julia Faus McManus