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My great  great great grandfather was Amos Hibbs
My great  great grandfather was Robert Samuel Hibbs II.
My grandmother was Julia Luke Hibbs

This Page has Biography of:
RuthJo Martin Hibbs &  husband 
L. Bruce "Tim" Reardon By Ruth Reardon 
Ochiltree  County TX History Book 1985
and bottom  portion of page has link to her 
Mullock Way Station Article



RuthJo (Hibbs) Reardon is a daughter of S. R.
(Rob) and Lura Luke Hibbs who were early pioneers
of this area.
In 1886, twenty years before Oklahoma was admitted
to statehood, when Rob Hibbs was seven years old, he
with his parents, Amos and Rosa Hibbs, and seven
brothers and sisters, in two covered wagons (one drawn
by a team of horses and the other by a yoke of oxen)
came to the Indian Territory of what was to become
the Oklahoma Panhandle. This large family settled
seven miles southeast of Beaver in a grove of trees
near Clear Creek. There they built a log home and
lived many years. At that time Beaver consisted of
two buildings, one a grocery store, the other a saloon.
At the age of eight years, Rob Hibbs began working
as a choreboy on the John George ranch. By the time
he was fourteen years old he was learning to break
and train horses, an ability for which he carried a high
reputation all the rest of his life. He also attended
trade school and became a skilled blacksmith, serving
his community in this capacity.
As soon as Cimmaron Territory was opened for
homesteading, Rob filed on land and established a
small home. Miss Lura Luke had come from Eastern
Oklahoma to Beaver County to visit her brother who
was a neighbor of Rob Hibbs. She soon met the young
rancher and in 1908 she became Mrs. Rob Hibbs and
joined him on his homestead.
Ethan Allen Luke, maternal grandfather of RuthJo
Reardon, was a stonemason and bridge-construction
engineer of some repute in Eastern Oklahoma. He
and his sons owned the Alamo Construction Company.
Hearing of his dependable reputation, some Hansford
County ranchers persuaded him to come to this area
to build some irrigation dams on the lower Palo Duro
Creek, some twenty-five miles west of the present
town of Perryton. After the completion of the work
project, the Luke family moved into Ochiltree where
Mrs. Luke died in 1916. The family then moved away,
though in later years E. A. Luke was buried beside his
wife in Ochiltree Cemetery.
The Mulock post office waystation, with Mr. Mulock
as postmaster, was established in 1899. This was twenty-one
miles due west of the present town of Perryton
and one mile inside Hansford County. Other postmasters
followed Mr. Mulock, with Mrs. Lula Newcomb as
the last postmaster. The post office had been moved
into the Newcomb ranch home. Mulock was for sale.
Knowing that his son-in-law was anxious for more
ranchland, E. A. Luke sent him word of the opportunity.
Rob and Lura Hibbs bought the Mulock post office
site along with surrounding sections of land in 1912,
and early in the year of 1913 they, with one small
daughter, Julia, moved into the four-room, one and
one-half story Mulock Waystation house. This is where
they were living when RuthJo was born, followed the
next year by her brother, Lawrence. Rob Hibbs soon
tore down the waystation and built a four room house
on higher ground.
In 1919, at Perryton's first birthday celebration, the
family came into the new town of Perryton to watch
the first train and airplane arrive in Perryton. The
three children excitedly watched the train come puffing
down the track with an airplane flying above it. This
was the first train or plane that Ruth or her brother
had ever seen. It was an exciting occasion, only to be
horribly ended that afternoon by the crash of the
airplane which claimed the lives of two men.
Soon after the plane crash, the Hibbs family left for
home. As Rob drove his car into the yard at home, he
stopped beside a Ford car parked near their house.
Thinking that they were having unexpected company,
the family quickly got out of their car, only to have a
strange man and woman rush out of their home, jump
into the Ford car, and speed away. Leaving Mrs. Hibbs
and the children in the yard, Rob turned his car
around and pursued the strangers but was unable to
overtake them. It was a frightening experience for the
entire family. They found the interior of their home in
disarray but nothing stolen.
Needing a school for the three children, in 1921 the
Hibbs family moved to an adjoining section, one and
one-half miles northeast of Mulock, making it possible
for the children to attend the Ochiltree County, one-room
country school of Enterprise. Still later, when
country schools were consolidated, the children rode
school buses into Waka. To complete her last years of
high school, Ruth rode a school bus into Perryton,
where she graduated with the class of 1931.
In those early days there were few modern conven-
iences which we accept as necessities today;
however, on weekends in summer there were ice-
cream socials, horses to ride, and other enjoyable
church and community activities.
The beginning of the Great Depression was in 1931.
This was also the year that RuthJo married her teenage
boyfriend and immediately began working beside him
to help make a living in those Depression days. Nearly
six years later, twin daughters were born to this union;
a happy day Indeed! The next five years Ruth remained
home and cared for the twin daughters, then again
entered the work force as a secretary and bookkeeper
in and around Perryton. She spent the next thirty-five
years working in this vocation in Perryton offices and
Her twin daughters are the former Martin twins,
Iris and Tone. Ione married Paul Simmons, son of
former local people, Edwin and Anabel (Gilliam)
Simmons, Paul and Ione, who live in Pampa, Texas,
are partners with Paul's parents in an accounting
firm. They are parents of an adult daughter who is a
graduate of West Texas State University, Canyon,
Texas, and a son who is presently a student of the
Iris married Bill Cornell, whose parents are ministers.
Iris and Bill live in Perryton. They have three adult
daughters and two grandsons. Iris holds a degree
from Southern Methodist University in trust banking
and is a trust officer in First Bank and Trust of Booker.
RuthJo is now married to Bruce "Tim" Reardon,
who came to Ochiltree county in the 1940% as a driller
on one of the first producing oil-wells in this county.
L. Bruce Reardon was born in Scofield, Utah, a son of
Bruce L. and May (Wainwright) Reardon. Orphaned
by his father at the age of one year and by his mother
at the age of eleven, he and a sister were returned
from Portland, Oregon, where their mother died, to
Salt Lake City, Utah, where they were taken into the
home of an uncle. He attended school in Salt Lake
City, then later while living with step-grandparents,
he attended school in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
It was there that he acquired the nickname of "Tim,"
jokingly given to him by other students, from an old
hermit who lived in mountains near there and whose
name was Tim Reardon. The nickname has remained
with him ever since.
Bruce's sister, who had been with him from the
time of his mother's death, married and moved to
Council Bluffs, Iowa. Bruce followed her. Working
his way through school, he graduated from Thomas
Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs.
After graduation, he joined the National Guard,
where he spent several years, then returned to Wyoming
where he had a brother. He got a job with Sinclair
there. When drilling began nearby, he joined a drilling
crew and became an oil well driller. After a number of
transfers, he came to the Texas Panhandle and was a
driller on one of the first producing oil wells in Ochiltree
County. While drilling for Cree Companies, near Borger,
Bruce was seriously injured. Edwin Simmons was
associated with Cree Companies, so while "Tim" was
recuperating from the foot injury, Edwin hired him to
manage a farm and oilfield supply store which Ed and
his son Paul owned in Spearman. Tim took the job
and never returned to oilfield drilling.
In 1964 he was transferred to the Simmons supply
store in Perryton, where he met Mrs. RuthJo Martin,
who was also the mother-in-law of Paul Simmons.
Mrs. RuthJo Martin and L. Bruce Reardon were married
in September of 1965.
Bruce has one daughter and one son as well
as fivegrandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
All live in Wyoming.Though Bruce is past retirement
age, he still remains actively employed in selling to
farm, ranch, and oilfield customers who are also his friends.
Ruth Hibbs Reardon has been a member of
Perryton Full Gospel Church since the first church was
built in 1931. Both Ruth and Bruce are members and
regular attendants of the new Full Gospel Church at
2210 SW 15th, Perrton. They continue to live in their
new home on Colgate Street in Perryton, enjoying
their lives together as well as sharing in the lives of
their children and grandchildren.
RuthJo Hibbs Reardon
Ochiltree County History Vol. II 1985 Pg 333-336

Read the article on  MULLOCK WAY Station
and Hansford County History written
by my Great Aunt Ruth Jo Hibbs Rearson in 1980
(my Grandmother Julia's Sister)

Click Here Web Page Version

Palo Duro Weight Station-Mullock Post Office  By Ruth Reardon
Lura Bell (Luke) Hibbs, her daughter, Ruth Jo (Hibbs) Reardon, wrote the following very interesting historical piece about the area where Lura’s family lived and grew up in Hansford County TX in the early 1900's. As noted in the article, this work was written to be published in the Hansford Historical Society's history books about Hansford County. Evidently Ruth did not get it submitted in time.
This article was first published by Kenneth E Luke of Mobile AL in his Luke Genealogy Book--
"Descendents of John Luke Jr., son of John Luke Sr."
It is reprinted here with permission of her daughter Iris Cornell of Perryton TX.

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NEW Hibbs Faus Luke#1  Jan 2000 Photo Gallery Of Julia Faus McManus 
Hibbs Faus Luke#2  Jan 2000 Photo Gallery of Julia Faus McManus