Biography of Bobby Jack Pierce
son of LD Lorenzo Dow Pierce
Hansford County Spearman Texas

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March 28 2012

Uncle Jack Passed Away April 2 2007 in Patterson Indiana
March 2012 Found one of Lynette Pierces Children

Descendants of Bobby Jack Pierce

 Pierce, Bobbie Jack
He was born on 05/08/1930 in Hansford County, TX
Died: April 2 2007 Patterson Indiana

 March 28 2012 I finally
tracked down one of Lynette Pierces kids
Carrie Lynn Certa

I made a page for Lynette Pierce Certa
and Carrie Lynn Certa

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I was named Lynn Pierce
after Carrie's mother Lynette Pierce

 Generation No. 1


      1.  Bobby Jack5 Pierce  (Lorenzo D (L.D.II)4, Lorenzo D (L.D.)3, Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born May 08, 1930 in Spearman, Hansford Co., TX.  He married (1) Faye B Hardy.  He married (2) Susan Patterson.


 Notes for Bobby Jack Pierce: Bobby Jack Pierce was born in Spearman TX in what was know as the "dirty Thirties." He was 15 years old when his mother Jimmie Francis Scott died of heart trouble. He and his brother JL helped take care of their little sister Peggy, after Jimmie Died. He and JL also worked on the water will and water drilling rigs with Ed Wilbanks, and LD Pierce Sr. ti11 1937, then LD Pierce went to work on his own repairing windmills in about a 100 mile radius of Spearman. He remembers his mother Jimmie as a pretty lady, who liked to help other people. She likes to make quilts, he remembers, and he also remembers making soap in the backyard of the big house on Bernice. Then they cut the soap up into big squares and giving it away. He remembers going with LD Pierce to Nara Visa NM to drill water wells for the Cators, and LD Pierce drilled for 3-4 days and barely got anywhere with  the well because the ground seemed to be solid rock, so LD just packed the equipment up and come back home to Spearman. He went to Spearman Elementary and Junior High and thru the 9th grade in High School when he joined the marines. He was 16 but he told them he was 18. His basic training was in San Diego California for 14 weeks. From San Diego he was transferred to El Toro with the VMF 322 squadron Ist Marine Division. He specialized in Radar. He was transferred to Ewa Hawaii, Oahu marine airbase. During the Korean was he was sent to Korea and flew in troops and food but saw no combat. Then he was sent back to Kobi Japan, then back to Hawaii. He has a newspaper article from the San Diego Paper aboard the USS Calvert inspecting sea rations. He was Lance Corporal Pierce at that time. He was discharged March 24, 1952 and came back to Texas where he worked with LD his father for a while on windmills and water well. He had met Fae B Hardy in Tuscan California, while in the Marines, and she came to Texas and they got married in the Clovis NM Court House in 1952. They lived in Spearman for a while thru 1953 but moved because Fae did not like the dirt storms, the first they had since the 1930's. They went back to California with Fay's Daughter Lynette, and Bobby Jack went to work for Mobil Oil for 7 years. JL Pierce Jack's brother, name his son Lynn, after Jack and Fae's daughter Lynnette. They then moved back to Texas and Jack worked as a Pipe fitter and Forman. 1959-61 he worked for LD his dad a while then worked for a seismic crew out of Oklahoma, while living in Perryton and Canadian Texas. After that he went to work for Gibbons and Slence in Perryton TX running a oil rig pulling unit. He Divorced Fay in 1960. He then and married Susan Patterson during this time. His three sons were born during this time: Bobby Born in Canadian TX 1965, and Danny and Michael born in Perryton TX, Ochiltree County Hospital. Susan Patterson has sons David and Stephen Patterson, whom Jack adopted while living in Kansas, which was the next place He moved for work. He worked at Kansas Engine Irrigation Company. Susan also had daughters Susan Patterson, Cathy and Karen Patterson. Jack was pictured in the Ulysses Paper in 1981 where he got $1000 bonus for ten years of service with Kansas Engine Irrigation Company. Sue and Jack broke up in 1978. In 1980 he married Debra Sharlene McKenzie. He divorced Debra 1986-87. He was still working for the engine company at that time. He quit that job and moved to Spearman and drove a truck 32 months hauling dirt of the Palo Duro Dam and Lake north of Spearman.

Prior to that he had moved to Victoria and Alice Texas for a while and married Flo Bossard, a marriage that lasted only 6 months  or so. Upon returning to the panhandle in 1987 he moved to Amarillo to a small efficiency house on Hastings near Thompson park working and restoring trailer houses for Jimmy Collins. In 1997 he found out he had prostrate cancer, which had spread. He went to Anderson Indiana where Sue Patterson had settled after their divorce, so he could get treatment at the V A hospital there. Recovery has taken him about 18 months but he is feeling much better now though he is having much trouble with emphysema.

He come back to Texas in June 2000 so he and his brother JL Pierce could attend the first Pierce family reunion in Johnson County TX, at Goatneck 20 miles from Clebure. The reunion was held at the Goatneck Community center located on land the Pierces  used to own. Jack, JL, and JL's family (Karon, LD, Rosa and her kids Jessie and Austin) had a good trip to Cleburne, and also went to visit the Long Lost Pierce cemetery and the Graves of their great great grandparents Captain Andrew Jackson Pierce and wife Nancy Emeline Abercrombie. The Pierce clan also visited Cleburne Memorial Cemetery and located the graves ofClem Abercrombie Pierce and Mary (Mollie) L. Gordon Pierce. This Clem was brother to Jack and JL's father LD Sr. (PegLeg) and

Sister Rhoda Pierce Wilbanks. He was very glad to be able to go back to the old pierce home place and Goatneck, and met lots of nice people, and old-timers. There was much Food, History, and fun had about the Goatneck area and the Pierce's of the old by- gone days. He is taking a Goatneck 2000 Old timers Reunion Cap with him back to Indiana.



addendum:  Sept 14 2003

Jack is interested in finding two of his grandsons he has not seen in a long time.  His Adopted Daughter Lynnette Hood  (Pierce) married a man by the name of Certa and Lived in Des Plains Illinois.  They had two children Mark Certa and Carrie Certa.  Jack gave me some papers with Lynette's obituary stuff on it and I am looking for it..  This had more info about who this family was in Des Plains.  I think I had already computerized (digitized) it and am looking for it.  I know I have the paper hard copy here also somewhere.  Jack is much more ill with emphysema now in 2003 and can hardly get out of his wheel chair.  He is on oxygen 24 hours a day.  He was unable to attend his sister Peggy Ferguson's Funeral in Feb 2003.


I found the document already here it is:


Letter from Bobby Jack Pierce's
sister in law to her sister Fae Pierce
 After Lynette's Funeral in 1987
July 20 1987

Dear Fae:

I know your heart is broken with the loss of your beautiful daughter Lynn. You have my deepest sympathy. We are all going to dearly miss our Lynn. She was such as loving caring and beautiful person. We can however, find comfort in knowing that Lynn is with our Lord in paradise. No more pain, no more tears.

Though your bad health made it impossible to attend Lynn's funeral I am sure you would like to know about it. The flower arrangement you sent-pink roses, daises and carnations, with a "Dear Daughter" Ribbon was gorgeous. It was placed closest to Lynn. My mother and I sent an arrangement of daises and carnations and so did Dave and Terry .The spray was all daisies. A beautiful heart of carnations from Marc and Carrie was placed in the casket with Lynn. Lynn has asked that rather than flowers people give donations to either the LDS Church or the American Cancer Society. Many Donations were given.

Lynn looked beautiful. She was dressed in all the blessed white garments she had worn to the temple. Her dress was a gorgeous white dotted Swiss that a friend of hers had made. Terry was a nurse she met at Ballard Nursing Home. The dress had long puffed sleeves and delicate tucks across the bodice and a peter pan type collar. Lynn had on the wig Carrie picked out for her a few months ago. Lynn also wore a white veil. Just before the casket was closed Lynn's face was veiled as a Mormon Lynn's humility as  she meets our lord.

The church was filled with Lynn's friends and her family including, Jim, Judy, Lesley, Tracy, and Michael Certa. Gary and Me, and Mom Argerus. Lynn touched and blessed many lives. The eulogy was given by Brother Rice and was beautiful. after the

service I asked Brother Rice if he could send a copy of the eulogy to Marc to send to you. you will be pleased when you hear it.

The long procession of cars, 30-40, followed Lynn to the cemetery for the blessing of her grave. What a beautiful spot--just beneath a saucer magnolia tree. The landscape of Memory Gardens is beautiful.

Lynn was always very concerned about your health, Fae. I know Lynn wants you to know how happy she is in heaven. Let's both take comfort in knowing that. Bless your heart. Love, Kathy.




      Child of Bobby Pierce and Faye Hardy is:

 +  2            i.   Lynette Louise Hood (Certa) , born 1947 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA; died 1981 in CA. March 29 2012  Lynette was already born when Jack married Fae Hardy. I have  made a page about Lynette and her daughter Carrie Lynn Certa.  I have made a page about Lynette and her daughter Carrie Lynn Certa.   I changed the name of her page from Lynette Louise Pierce to Lynette Louise Hood. We were always told Bobby Jack Adopted Lynette but have not proof of that at this time

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      Children of Bobby Pierce and Susan Patterson are:

      3            i.   David (Patterson)6 Pierce, born in Naples, Collier Co., FL.

      4            ii.   Stephen (Patterson) Pierce, born 1955.

 +  5           iii.   Bobby Jack Pierce, born July 11, 1965.

 +  6          iv.   Michael Pierce, born December 19, 1967.

 +  7           v.   Danny Lee Pierce, born March 28, 1969.



 Generation No. 2


      2.  Lynette Louise6 Pierce (Bobby Jack5, Lorenzo D (L.D.II)4, Lorenzo D (L.D.)3, Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born 1952 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA, and died 1981 in CA.


      Children of Lynette Louise Pierce are:

      8            i.   7 Daughter Carrie Lynn Certa

      9            ii.   Mark Certa.





      5.  Bobby Jack6 Pierce (Bobby Jack5, Lorenzo D (L.D.II)4, Lorenzo D (L.D.)3, Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born July 11, 1965.  He married Deanna Marie Pendergraft.


      Child of Bobby Pierce and Deanna Pendergraft is:

      10          i.   Christopher Dustin7 Pierce, born January 14, 1990 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.


      6.  Michael6 Pierce (Bobby Jack5, Lorenzo D (L.D.II)4, Lorenzo D (L.D.)3, Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born December 19, 1967.  He married Dena Glass.


      Children of Michael Pierce and Dena Glass are:

      11          i.   Kendra Nicole7 Pierce, born July 28, 1988 in KS.

      12          ii.   Cody Michael Allen Pierce, born July 23, 1989 in KS.


      7.  Danny Lee6 Pierce (Bobby Jack5, Lorenzo D (L.D.II)4, Lorenzo D (L.D.)3, Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born March 28, 1969.  He married (1) Celena Cole.  He married (2) Stephanie Hamilton April 11, 1996 in Hutchinson Ks.


      Child of Danny Pierce and Celena Cole is:

      13          i.   Ashley Leanna7 Pierce, born in Hutchinson, Harvey Co., KS.


      Child of Danny Pierce and Stephanie Hamilton is:

      14          i.   Jacob Daniel7 Pierce.


Memorial Park Cemetery  is this the right one??
Skokie, Cook County, Illinois

9900 Gross Point Rd
Skokie, Illinois 60076
(847) 677-4401


The Des Plaines Historical Museum and genealogy library
789 Pearson Street.
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016.
(847) 391-5399.






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