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Peg Leg Pierce LD Pierce Ora Pierce and family

Lorenzo Dowell (L.D.)3 Pierce (Andrew Jackson2, Reuben1) was born January 26, 1856 in Cherokee Co., GA , and died 1923 in Spearman TX. He married (1) Susannah Pluckett Lott on June 30, 1874 in Johnson County TX, daughter of A C Lott and ?? Lott.
(this info could be incorrect PEARCE, L D PUCKETT, Susanah Mrs 11 Oct 1877 Bosque Co marriages C�083Bosque County, Texas Marriages GROOM INDEX 1860 - 1928 Transcribed by MARY TURNER KINARD COPYRIGHT Mary Kinard)
PUCKETT, A J LOTT, S A 19 APR 1867 B�97

 He married (2) Aqua Ora Finley
after 1884, daughter of John Finley and Fannie Wright. Ora Finley was born February 10, 1867 in Johnson Co., TX, and died November 26, 1929 and was buried Nov 28 Hansford County Cemetery. Info of L.D.'s 2nd wife came from Lester Jones-descendent of LD Sr 's son George. He found this info researching in Hillsboro TX, Hill County in 1997. He sent the deed he found in Hill County detailing the transfer of land from Susannah Pluckett. She was a widow of Andrew Pluckett. She remarried to LD Pierce Sr. and evidently passed away also. A C Lott sold LD Pierce Sr. a parcel of land that Mrs Pluckett had owned. It was situated in Hill County on Nolan's River. Vol 12 page 21 Hill County Records. Aug 12 1884

  Birth Year <1856>      Birthplace GA      Age 24      Occupation Farmer      Marital Status M <Married>    Race W <White>      Head of Household Loranzo PIERCE   Relation Self   Father's Birthplace SC   Mother's BirthplaceGA 
hill county census ed 76 1880 census

he is on the Hansford County Texas Census for 1910
and 1920  (precinct 3) . 1920 census states birthday 1854

later Census places him and family in Hennepin Marlow Katy area of Indian Territory Ok and 2 of his children (Visa and George) were born there. (not born in Hansford County where they settled 1907 (or slightly later.)

1900 Township 1, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory   Hennepin is a small unincorporated community along State Highway 7 in extreme southern Garvin County, Oklahoma, United States, near the meeting of the Carter, Garvin, and Murray county lines. The Hennepin Post Office was opened February 16, 1885, by Henry C. Dent in the old Chickasaw Nation of Indian Territory. It was named for Father Louis Hennepin, a member of Lasalle's Louisiana Expedition. The Hennepin ZIP Code is 73444. 

1930 census
Allen M Pierce Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1901 Texas Head
Eva Pierce Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1904 Wife
Betty Pierce Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1928 Daughter
Felix Pierce Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1913 Brother
Harbert A Clark Spearman, Hansford, TX abt 1913 Texas Nephew

Loranza Pierce Residence: , Hansford, Texas Estimated Birth Year: 1855 Age: 65 Birthplace: Georgia Relationship to Head of Household: Self Gender: Male Race: White Marital Status: Married Father's Birthplace: Georgia Mother's Birthplace: Georgia Film Number: 1821805 Digital Folder Number: 4390951 Image Number: 00523 Sheet Number: 1  HouseholdGenderAge   Loranza Pierce M 65y Spouse Ara Pierce F 56y Child Clenn Pierce M 27y Child L D Pierce M 24y Child George Pierce M 22y Child Allen Pierce M 18y Child Susie Pierce F 15y Child Felix Pierce M 8y2m

2010: In talking with the elders of the Pierce family it is said that PegLeg LD Pierce Sr was somehow involved in the Mexican Revolution of the early 1900s. I cannot find documentation of that. Felix Diaz was nephew of Porfirio Diaz of the Mexican Revolution.  He was a leading figure in the rebellion (with Porfirio) against President Francisco Madero during the Mexican Revolution. It is possible Peglegs association with them and that movement led him to name his son Felix Diaz Pierce.  The Editor of this site is name after him: Lynn Diaz Pierce.


Spearman Reporter Nov 28, 1927 Obituary of Mrs Ora Finley Pierce
Mrs Ora Pierce, 62 years old, died at the home of her daughter (Susie)  Mrs Henry  Dacus South of Spearman on Tuesday Night November 26th after an illness existing over a period of several months.  Funeral services will be held today Thursday November 28 at the Union Church of Spearman at 2:30 pm followed by interment in Hansford Cemetery.  Rev. W.A. Neville will conduct the funeral service.


Lorenzo Dowell Pierce and His family late 1890's

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March 20 2012 I put this photo on new page and added
info from Dan Pierce our cousin

Peg Leg Pierce's family: Clem A Pierce (left of Pegleg) Allen Pierce (right of PegLeg). Standing (arm on Peg Leg Pierce)  LD Jr (my grandfather), Next- Ora Finley Pierce, Sally Fisher, holding babies
Ora holding Susie Pierce (2 months) Sally holding Valney Fisher.
Visa (Aunt Vice) Pierce Standing between two seated woman.
Other relatives says Sophie Holding Felix in Middle, and Sally Holding Harbert Clark   on right. and Aunt Vice Standing.  Am trying to get this straight and identified properly very soon I think this is incorrect the one above is correct.....LDP 6-17-99


ldjrcemetery.jpg (153072 bytes)

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By Myra Vanderpool Gormley, C.G.(c) 1997,
    He was a large, raw-boned man, stopped-shoulder, with a beard reaching to the middle of his body, his hair loose and flowing to his shoulders. He was an uneducated man and some thought him insane, but many Americans named sons for him. The name was Lorenzo Dow. Wyatt Earp, one of the personalities at the Gunfight at OK Corral, had a paternal uncle, born  in 1809 in North Carolina, named for him. In fact, the name of Lorenzo Dow is found in many families. Dow was born in 1777 in Connecticut,of English ancestors, and died in Washington, D.C., in 1837. During his 57 years, he spent 39 of them in the ministry and traveled in  every state, Canada, England, Ireland and Wales. His only child was born in Ireland and died in England. He began as a Methodist, but was  never officially accepted by them. He first visited Ireland in 1799 where he was jeered and persecuted. He returned the following year to America and preached in New York, Alabama and Kentucky. In 1805 he revisited both Ireland and England, where he instituted the camp meeting.
  This custom was such an innovation that it led to controversy, resulting in the organization of the Primitive Methodists in England. While Dow was generally looked upon as an eccentric, it is also said that he was singularly pious, Self-sacrificing, zealous, laborious and useful as a  wandering evangelist. He asked no pecuniary compensation for his services. Sometimes he would sell his watch and use the funds to aid a poor Community in the erection of a place for public worship. He would sell his own clothes to raise a few dollars to pay his expenses through the Indian Nations or elsewhere, that he might promptly meet all his speaking engagements, which were often published a year or more beforehand. No doubt many of our ancestors, particularly those who lived in Kentucky, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, heard him  speak in camp meetings. Others may have read some of his books, as he was a voluminous writer also. It is said that he was powerful orator but  awakened much controversy and serious thought. ``Holistic Methodism,'' by R.N. Price, which was published in 1906, provides a great deal of information about Lorenzo Dow. You may be able to obtain a copy of this book via interlibrary loan. Many names found upon our genealogy charts reflect our ancestors' admiration for ministers, military heroes and politicians as well as a beloved neighbor. It is easy to recognize many of these -- GeorgeWashington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Marion, Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee -- but you may have to dig a bit deeper in the history of the locality where your ancestors resided or expand your research into the events happening at a particular time in order to  determine for whom a child was named. A good example is the origin of Wyatt Earp's given names. His father, Nicholas Earp, served in the
   Mexican War as a sergeant in Captain Wyatt Berry Stapp's company of Illinois Mounted Volunteers and named his son Wyatt Berry in honor of his captain. 1997 Written by Previously published by Julia M. Case and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG, Missing Links:  A Weekly Newsletter for Genealogists, Vol. 3, No. 48, 27 November 1998. You may visit the MISSING LINKS Web page at <http://www.rootsweb.com/~mlnews/index.htm>.

Due to the early deaths of both Margaret  Woody (1855) and Merritt Woody (1857)
it was necessary for the four youngest children to stay with
relatives  until they were grown or be placed in an orphanage. Per the 1860
census of Pulaski Co MO they were residing in the home of Charles N.
 Finley, their oldest brother's Father-in-law.
 No further records of their places of residence or
 activities have been found to date (1998).


Peg Leg Pierce at Force Farm Early 1900's
My dad finally let me take this photo to scan after asking for a couple of years!!.   This photo was taken  at the Force Farm/Ranch in Eric Oklahoma. My Grandfather's brother Allen had the original and gave  this (Colored) Copy to my dad in  the 1970's. I am very glad they preserved it. Part of the photo was  damaged, the above is what was salvageable. I am trying to Locate the other original. 



In his early life in Johnson County (year undetermined) LD had gone to a barn
dance with friends on horseback to play fiddle at the dance. On the way back
to Goatneck--(after drinking much with some of his friends) they came upon
the train passing by. His friends urged him to beat the train--made bets
possibly. He tried to cross in front of the train, got hit and got his leg cut
off. Eventually wearing a wooden leg or Peg Leg. After the accident he was
not that mad about losing the horse, or the saddle, or his leg!! 
But he was furious about ruining the Fiddle!! Date of the Accident is unknown.  I have always been told this  accident was written about in both the Cleburne and Fort Worth TX  newspapers, but I have not been able to verify that yet.


Goat Neck to 1836

by Herbert E Blackstock Johnson County History book

After the War Between the States, a few settlers began to settle in the area that is part of Hill County. Some of the former plantation owners from the eastern southern states were the first to settle the area. LD Pierce came with his former slaves, settled on a tract of land near a big bend on the Brazos in the western part of the area. On this tract of land was a big bluff. There were overhanging rocks that made a shelter. LD Pierce's former slaves lived in the shelter of that bluff. LD Pierce built a log house on a hill overlooking his farm. The log house had a large auger drilled through the walls, and the holes were used as a window for firing rifles. The Log house is still standing , although it has had more rooms made of lumber added to it. (editor�s note: this log cabin was torn down in 1996) It has also been plastered over the logs. Clem Pierce established a large cattle ranch in the eastern part of the area, Beginning at Barnard's Mill and over to Ham Creek running in a northerly direction in a fan shape. It included several hundred acres of land. The ranch has been cut up into smaller ranches including the Klondike and Gatewood (owned by Floyd Ormsby) and some still owned by the Pierce Heirs. After the area called Goatneck because part of Johnson County, Frank Long, then sheriff, found a dead man on the Clem Pierce Ranch under a stack of hay. There is an old ranch house still standing on the old Pierce Ranch. It may be the second house built by Clem Pierce. (Editor note: this building has since burned) On the LD Pierce farm is the Pierce family Cemetery. ..........


Pierce Log Cabin built in 1860 stuccoed over in the 1930's torn down in 1997

click on small photo to view larger photo
click here More photos of log cabin

The Pierce Log Cabin at GoatNeck Cleburne, Johnson Co. TX the Peabody's bought the property from   the Pierces or Bertha Force--and Mrs. Peabody of Ft Worth TX gave me this photo.    She was born on the Pierce ranch and live there many years.  The Pierce Homestead was called the Peabody Place in the 1920-60's.  I have some photos she gave me on the GoatNeck TX Page. Now its still called " The Old Pierce Place"


GoatNeck 1878 to 1905

The area called Goatneck became well settled by farmers during the late 1800's
 and early 1900's. It was during that era that the Settlers petitioned the Commissioners Court of Johnson County that the area be  annexed to Johnson County. The Commissioners hearing asked for a description of the area. It was described  by one of the men present at the hearing. After giving all the bends in the course of the Brazos River He said, 
"It is just the shape of a goat's neck" So the area has been called Goatneck since. Herbert Blackstock
"Dee Peterson, Goat Neck's oldest resident at 83, states that Goat Neck got its name during the legal transfer  of the area from Hill to Johnson County. Clem Pierce, one of the early settlers of the area, was asked to  describe the piece of land for one of the legal documents necessary to transfer. According to Legend:
 He said: "It's just a little ole' goat's neck out in the cedar brakes along the river." The name stuck and  goat's neck eventually became Goat Neck.:" written by: Steve Bell Johnson County History Book
Goatneck has had it share of tragedies and disasters through the years.......One of LD Pierce�s sons was  murdered and thrown into a hand dug well near Pierce's House. In the 1880's a man by the name of Crane  was found murdered on the Clem Pierce Ranch. Mr. Shaw accused of murder, was tried, convicted and 
hanged for the crime. He claimed he was innocent till the very last. 
By: Herbert Blackstock

Lorenzo D (L.D.) Pierce is buried in Old Hansford Cemetery, Hansford ., TX, with his wife Ora Finley.  1st Wife: Susannah Lott Pluckett Pierce was born December 10, 1850, and died April 03, 1884 in  Bosque County, Buried in Kimball Cemetery. She married Lorenzo Dow Pierce, son of Andrew J Pierce  and Nancy E. Abercrombie.. She had a first husband- Andrew Pluckett-desceased. She is buried at Brazos  river crossing-Kimball Bend, Bosque County, TX. Kimball Cemetery is located on highway 174, Bosque County,  TX. Tombstone reads:
"PIERCE, SUSANNAH LOTT w/o L.D. PIERCE- "By Her Mother"; DEC. 10, 1850-APR. 3, 1884" The cemetery at the old town of Kimball on the Brazos River was relocated by the U.S. Army Corps of E ngineers in 1950 when the dam for Lake Whitney was being built. A total of 639 graves were moved, 420  of which were unknown. The new location is three miles west on Highway 174. Since then, many more burials  have been added in this new cemetery. Other smaller cemeteries were re-interred in this enclosure, such as  Powell and Allen Bend, originally in Bosque County. Poque Cemetery, originally in Hill County, is also now in  this one. The cemetery Association has an all day gathering to work in the cemetery the second Saturday of  June. Copied by Rebecca Radde and Jeanne Owen in March 1985.

Misc Notes-LD- PIERCE- OCT-1- 2012.pdf


Children of Lorenzo Pierce and Aqua Ora Finley Are:
(March 9, 2000 all children of LD & Ora have their own pages-Click on their Names)
Photos are gradually being added to their pages also. If have have photos I can copy call me!!

+ 1 i. Sally4 Pierce, born 1898 Indian Territory OK
; died April 03, 1930 in Spearman TX.

+ 2 ii. George Taylor Pierce,
born Indian Territory OK (Hennepin)
born July 23, 1899; died 1980 in Alice, Jim Wells Co., TX.

+ 3 iii. Lorenzo D (L.D.II) Pierce, born March 16, 1895 in Cleburne TX Johnson County; died June 16, 1971 in Spearman, Hansford Co., TX buried in Old Hansford Cemetery.

4 iv. Clem Pierce, born 1893 in Cleburne TX Johnson County; died 1957.He married Winnie Dacus.  1930 census Hansford Clem Pierce Precinct 4, Hansford, TX abt 1894 Texas Head  Winnie F Pierce Precinct 4, Hansford, TX abt 1903 Wife Clovis New Mexico Evening News Journal , February 8, 1937
 Clem Pierce of Arch was admitted Sunday for removal..

5 v. Felix Diaz Pierce, died 1945 in WWII. He married (1) Della Faye Koontz. He married (2) Ruby Womack.

+ 6 vi. Visa Lou Pierce, born October 04, 1891 in Indian Territory. died March 1985 in Luling TX. She Married Compton.

+ 7 vii. Allen Mansel Pierce, born February 12, 1901 in Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; died May 09, 1987 in Spearman, Hansford Co., TX.

+ 8 viii. Susan (Susie) Pierce, born June 17, 1904 in Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX; died December 08, 1978 in Amarillo Potter Co., TX buried Memorial Park Amarillo TX.

+9 Viii Unknown- Son Killed and thrown down well on Pierce Ranch

Notes for Felix Diaz Pierce


My Great grandfather's (LD Pierce) 

 2ND wife was A FINLEY. Her name was Aqua Ora Finley.  She were descended from John and Mary Wright Finley.Our family knew little about her as stated on Peg Leg Pierce page. I had been told several stories about her, nothing concrete.  My Cousin Mary Lee Crew did find a written genealogy from her mother Susie Pierce Dacus that stated that Ora's father was a John Finley, and  mother was Fanny Wright. Laura's census work mentioned below shows the same, and Ora's mother as a Mary F Finley. (F for Fanny??)


July 1 1999 I was contacted by a woman named Laura Willis Rivard of Wichita Falls Tx.  She found me and my email address and telephone number on the Johnson County TX Genweb Page. She had been looking into the Finley  family for several years and had determined that her grandmother Laura Finely had a sister who had married LD Pierce of Cleburne and Johnson County TX. She sent me census records and such today Aug 4, 1999.  We finally have contact with the Finley's again after 60 years!



orapie2.jpg (19296 bytes)

Ancestors  of Aqua Ora Finley Pierce
Descendents of John Finley and Mary Fanny Wright

Descendants of John F Finley

1 John F Finley/
 +Mary Fanny Wright

......... 2 Aqua Ora Finley 1867 - 1929
............. +Lorenzo Dow Pierce 1856 - 1923

......... 2 Laura Louella Finley 1858 - 1913
............. +James Jessie Willis - 1901
.................... 3 Jessie Walter Willis 1893 -
........................ +Alberta Cowart 1894 - 1979
......... *2nd Husband of Laura Louella Finley:
............. +?? Ray. She was buried as Laura Ray.
......... 2 Mary E Finley
   ......... 2 Chapel G Finley
    ......... 2 Jefferson Finley
   ........ 2 Napoleon Finley 
......... 2 Sarah Finley
  ........ 2 Lula Finley 1869


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wpe1.jpg (1069 bytes) READ Onscreen LD Pierce & Ora Finley Family Group
or  (Print) this family group record

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LD Pierce named after Lorenzo Dowell
famous Holistic Methodism Preacher 1820's
visit the original page for this information
Lorenzo Dow Pages
Denton Genealogy Pages
Sue Montgomery wrote this web page about Lorenzo Dow  
visit her Denton Genealogy Pages!



 pdficon.gif (253 bytes)LD'S NOTES
Primarily Info regarding children  of son LD Pierce Jr, and
Biography of son Allen Pierce

Lorenzo D4 Pierce My Grandfather (L.D.)3,(AndrewJackson2, Reuben1)
Jimmie Francis Scott my Grandmother

pdficon.gif (253 bytes)Uncle Allen Pierce Biography My Great Uncle

pdficon.gif (253 bytes)Aunt Susie Dacus Allen Pierce Biography My Great Aunt


pdficon.gif (253 bytes)Aunt Visa Compton Biography My Great Aunt

pdficon.gif (253 bytes)Aunt Salley Fisher Biography My Great Aunt
Valney "Chunk" Fisher" is the oldest living descendent of
Andrew Jackson Pierce as of July 1 1999.
We are wanting to contact Rockey Clark
son of Valney's half-brother Harbert Clark.

pdficon.gif (253 bytes)Uncle George Taylor Pierce Descendents My Great Uncle
Have not succeeded in getting much information from this part of the family.
Dowell Pierce ordered a book, and talked to Allen Pierce's kids but never got any forms back.
Have written Florence Kale in Athens TX several times but received nothing back.
Sent Clem Pierce an older version of the book heard nothing back. Irving promised to send
me some stuff and have not heard form him Either.  Call Bill Pierce today and left message.
Talked to Florence Kale, and sending her another letter.  Maybe we will get something done on
this family yet!!


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Print LD Senior brothers and sisters Family Group Form
Children of Andrew Jackson Pierce family group sheet.

Johnson County History  Read the Johnson County web page
Much More about Johnson County on
GoatNeck TX Page
and TX Panhandle Links Page


1920 census hansford county texas 
name:Loranza Pierce
residence:, Hansford, Texas
estimated birth year:1855
relationship to head of household:Self
marital status:Married
father's birthplace:Georgia
mother's birthplace:Georgia
film number:1821805
digital folder number:4390951
image number:00523
sheet number:1
self Loranza Pierce M65yGeorgia
wife Ara Pierce F56yTexas
son Clenn Pierce M27yTexas
son L D Pierce M24yTexas
son George Pierce M22yTexas
son Allen Pierce M18yTexas
dau Susie Pierce F15yTexas
son Felix Pierce M8y2mTexas
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