Descendants of Bobby Jack Pierce

 Pierce, Bobbie Jack
He was born on 05/08/1930 in Hansford County, TX
Died: April 2 2007 Patterson Indiana

Married Fay B Hardy  LA CA


 Child of Bobby Pierce and Faye Hardy is:

 +  2            i.   Lynette Louise Hood (Certa) , born 1947 in Long Beach,
Los Angeles Co., CA; died 1981 in CA.  Lynette was already born
when Jack married Fae Hardy. I have

made a page about Lynette and her daughter Carrie Lynn Certa.


 March 28 2012 I finally
tracked down one of Lynette Pierces kids
Carrie Lynn Certa
 I was named Lynn Pierce
after Carrie's mother Lynette Pierce

see this page

and these pages

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  • Raised in the Chicago suburb, Dearrie ...

    addendum: Sept 14 2003
    Jack is interested in finding two of his grandsons he has not seen in a long time. His Adopted Daughter Lynnette Hood (Pierce) married a man by the name of Certa and Lived in Des Plains Illinois. They had two children Mark Certa and Carrie Certa. Jack gave me some papers with Lynette's obituary stuff on it and I am looking for it.. This had more info about who this family was in Des Plains. I think I had already computerized (digitized) it and am looking for it. I know I have the paper hard copy here also somewhere. Jack is much more ill with emphysema now in 2003 and can hardly get out of his wheel chair. He is on oxygen 24 hours a day. He was unable to attend his sister Peggy Ferguson's Funeral in Feb 2003.
    I found the document already here it is:
    Letter from Bobby Jack Pierce's
    sister in law to her sister Fae Pierce
     After Lynette's Funeral in 1987
    July 20 1987
    Dear Fae:
    I know your heart is broken with the loss of your beautiful daughter Lynn. You have my deepest sympathy. We are all going to dearly miss our Lynn. She was such as loving caring and beautiful person. We can however, find comfort in knowing that Lynn is with our Lord in paradise. No more pain, no more tears.
    Though your bad health made it impossible to attend Lynn's funeral I am sure you would like to know about it. The flower arrangement you sent-pink roses, daises and carnations, with a "Dear Daughter" Ribbon was gorgeous. It was placed closest to Lynn. My mother and I sent an arrangement of daises and carnations and so did Dave and Terry .The spray was all daisies. A beautiful heart of carnations from Marc and Carrie was placed in the casket with Lynn. Lynn has asked that rather than flowers people give donations to either the LDS Church or the American Cancer Society. Many Donations were given.
    Lynn looked beautiful. She was dressed in all the blessed white garments she had worn to the temple. Her dress was a gorgeous white dotted Swiss that a friend of hers had made. Terry was a nurse she met at Ballard Nursing Home. The dress had long puffed sleeves and delicate tucks across the bodice and a peter pan type collar. Lynn had on the wig Carrie picked out for her a few months ago. Lynn also wore a white veil. Just before the casket was closed Lynn's face was veiled as a Mormon Lynn's humility as she meets our lord.
    The church was filled with Lynn's friends and her family including, Jim, Judy, Lesley, Tracy, and Michael Certa. Gary and Me, and Mom Argerus. Lynn touched and blessed many lives. The eulogy was given by Brother Rice and was beautiful. after the
    service I asked Brother Rice if he could send a copy of the eulogy to Marc to send to you. you will be pleased when you hear it.
    The long procession of cars, 30-40, followed Lynn to the cemetery for the blessing of her grave. What a beautiful spot--just beneath a saucer magnolia tree. The landscape of Memory Gardens is beautiful.
    Lynn was always very concerned about your health, Fae. I know Lynn wants you to know how happy she is in heaven. Let's both take comfort in knowing that. Bless your heart. Love, Kathy.
    Data Below from Cousin Dan Pierce in CA
    who is a REAL genealogist
    and has access to Databases.;

    California Birth Index, 1905-1995
    Name: Lynnette Louise Hood
    Birth Date: 2 Sep 1946
    Gender: Female
    Mother's Maiden Name: Hardy
    Birth County: Los Angeles

    Social Security Death Index
    Name: Lynnette Certa
    SSN: 554-66-7590
    Born: 2 Sep 1946
    Died: Jul 1987
    State (Year) SSN issued: California (1962)

    Cook County, Illinois Death Index, 1908-1988
    Name: Lynnette L Certa
    Death Date: 14 Jul 1987
    Death Location: Cook County, IL
    File Number: 41224
    Archive collection name: Cook County Genealogy Records (Deaths)
    Archive repository location: Chicago, IL
    Archive repository name: Cook County Clerk

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
    Name: Lynnette L Certa
    Phone Number: 299-0907
    Address: 885 S 2nd Ave, Des Plaines, IL, 60016-6322 (1987)
    [1363 Brown St Apt 2c, Des Plaines, IL, 60016-4393]

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
    Name: Carrie L Certa
    Birth Date: 13 Jun 19XX

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
    Name: Carrie L Certa
    Birth Date: 13 Jun 19XX
    Phone Number: 457-7013
    Address: 604 S Forest Ave, Carbondale, IL, 62901-2525 (1996)
    [913 N Carico St, Carbondale, IL, 62901-1220 (1996)]
    [319 E College St # 2, Carbondale, IL, 62901-3282]

    Maybe Mark Certa:

    California Birth Index, 1905-1995
    Name: Marcus J Certa
    Birth Date: 31 Aug 1970
    Gender: Male
    Mother's Maiden Name: Hood
    Birth County: Alameda
    notes and emails March 30 2012
    note to all From Lynn Pierce:
    I changed the name of this page from Lynette Louise Pierce to
    Lynette Louise Hood. We were always told Bobby Jack
    Adopted Lynette but have not proof of that at this time

    My name is Carrie Certa and one of the UXXC staff forwarded me your
    information. It tried calling but I couldn't leave a message.
    To answer you question, yes, Lynnette was my mom and Pierce was her mother's
    last name so I'm assuming that you are correct in saying we're cousins.
    Feel free to reach me with this email  or CALL
    Thanks for contacting me and I hope you liked the message my mother left
    about the angels looking down on us... As she surely is. :)
    Carrie Lynn Certa

    Hi LD
    Thank you so much for sending this letter.  I am going to forward to her cousins on my side. I have fond memories of Lynn at my Grandmothers house when I was a child. I will be turning 53 in a couple of weeks.  I do not have much of a recollection of Jack Pierce growing up.  My mother, her sister Fae and their brother Roland have all passed away. My dad turned 85 and he is the last to have any memory of Aunt Fae B Hardys early life. 
    When Fae was 15, she was the oldest of the siblings, there was a terrible car accident in Nebraska where they lived at the time.  In the car was my mother, Fae, their brother Roland and their mother and father.  Their father was killed.  My grandmother was left to raise them on her own.  If memory serves me right, a family member of my grandmother tried to deem her an unfit mother and tried to take the kids away from her.  She packed up and moved in the middle of the night to California. Her car broke down in Kingman Arizona and she sold it and I believe they took the train to Los Angeles. Not quite sure any details on their arrival.  I know they lived in Huntington Park California where the kids went to high school. From there I think they met their future husbands, wives. 
    I am the youngest of all the cousins as my mother was the youngest sibling. As I said, I have fond memories of growing up with all the cousins.  Lynn lived with my grandmother for some time so I got to see her alot when I visited my grandmother. The last time I saw Lynn was when I got married in September of 1986.
    Aunt Fae had been sick in her adult life with emphysema and I believe she passed when she was around 58 or 59.
    Thank you again for sending me the letter.  It is quite a touching letter.  It is apparent that in her short life she touched many people. If you have any questions, or anything please let me know.
    Jana Shearer
    Thank you for sending this! To clarify: Kathy is actually my Aunt. She’s my father’s sister. She was close with my Mom, like sisters.

    Thank you for all the information you’ve sent me today, it’s been a bit overwhelming and emotional but all in a good way.  I was at church this evening and told the pastor that the video was gone viral! The burning question is, how did you ever find the video?  It was JUST posted on Sunday! Are you fans of the HUMC church out here? Or was it a random search for my name?

    Either way, it’s divine intervention, that’s for sure!

    I AM on Facebook as Lvcc Certa  :)

    LA is the WORST place to date... Don’t come here looking for love! LOL

    I sent your email address to my Niece Lynette. She’s a sweetheart and is very similar to me and my mom is spirit and spunk. :) I’ve only gotten to know her through her mother.

    Carrie Certa

    Hi LD;
    My name is Jana.  I am a cousin of Carrie Certas.  My mom and her grandmother were sisters.  I actually connected with Carrie via Classmates about 10 years ago. Carrie posted on facebook that you had gotten in contact with her.  I googled your name and came up with your incredible family history. 
     Lynnette Louise Hood Certa was my first cousin, Carries mother.  I read in one area of your family information that Lynnette Louise Certa was the daughter of Bobby "Jack" Pierceand Fae B Hardy.  Bobby "Jack" would be her step father.  Lynn was the daughter of Lee Hood, the 1st husband of Fae Byrdene Hardy.  Bobby "Jack" Pierce was Faes 2nd husband.  He was known as Jack Pierce with our family. I talked to my dad, who just turned 85, today regarding Lynn.  He told me that at about 4 or 5, Fae divorced her father.  He thought Fae remarried when Lynn was about 10 or 12.  Could Bobby "Jack" Pierce have adopted her.  I have no recollection if he did or not.  I am the youngest in my family.  Lynnette was about 11 years older than me.
    Carrie said that you indicated that her grandmother had written a letter to Bobby "Jack" Pierce regarding her mother, Lynnettes funeral.  I would love to see it but I cannot locate it on your information on the internet. I was wondering if you knew where to find it.   I was also curious as to Lynnettes birth certificate and if Lee Hood was listed as her father. My connection to the Pierce family is only through Carries grandmother, Fae B Hardy. 
    I find this very fascinating. 
    Thank you for your time;
    Lynnette Louise (Hood) Certa
    Born September 2, 1944
    Died July 14, 1987

    Married David Anthony Certa born August 12, 1945
    Married Joseph Ranicowski (not sure of the spelling)
    Divorced him

    Children with David Anthony Certa
    Carrie Lynn Certa June 13, 1974 (never married, no kids)
    Marcus ? Certa August 31, 1970 - I think.
    Again, I haven't spoken to my brother in 20 year and likely never to again!
    So you'll need to check on this information.

    Marc Married and Divorced Susan Wurst and had 1 daughter
    Lynnette Certa - don't know birthday

    He had another child but don't know the mother or anything about the son.
    Ben Certa

    You should speak to Jana who may have more information about my mom.
    Can you scan her birth certificate and send to me? I'm dying to find out
    who COLE is. (Editor Lynn Pierce Forget Cole
    was a bad lead and Wrong Lynette Pierce infop deleted )

    Also, I'm looking for the letter grandma wrote to Jack about my mother's
    funeral but can't find it. Carrie Certa

    Jana Hamilton Shearer:
    I just talked to my dad again. He did say that Lee Hood was your mothers
    dad. He thinks that aunt fae divorced him when your mom was about 4 or 5.
    He thinks that Bobby Jack married aunt fae when your mom was 10 or 12. Mind
    you my dad is 85 so it is going back a long ways. Bobby went by his middle
    name of Jack around the family. Bobby was a marine. Lee Hood was a navy
    man and was from Tennessee. There are so many links on the website.
    Having a hard time trying to find that letter. Any luck on your end?