Mary Lee (Dacus) Crew 
My Dad's first Cousin
Daughter of My Favorite Aunt --Susie Dacus Allen

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Obituary  Mary Lee Crew

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Crew, Mary Lee
Beloved wife, mother and grandmother, she was born in Amarillo, Texas on March 21, 1925. She bore her illnesses with grace and dignity and never lost her joyful spirit. She passed away to the Lord on December 9, 2001 in Mission Viejo, California. A graduate of West Texas State University, she was a high school teacher for many years, and later became a successful real estate agent. She is survived by her husband of 56 years Bill, daughter Mava Riehle and three grandsons. Memorial service will be at Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in Mission Viejo at 11:00 AM, Thursday, December 13 (today). Burial will be in the family plot in Scott's Valley Cemetery in Washington State. O'Connor Laguna Hills Mortuary, Directors (949)581-4300.

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Obituary  Mary Lee Crew from California Digital Image (above)
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 Mary Lee Crew 

Excerpt: The Hanford County Reporter Dec. 20 2001
Among the Neighbors by Helen Fisher

Word comes to Sybil and Billy Miller of the passing of former Spearman Classmate Mary Lee Dacus Crew, after a long illness. Services were at Mission Viejo Calif. She is the last of the Leo Dacus Family a prominent  family here for years. (Editor LD Pierce notes:  no mention in this blurb of Mary Lee's mother Susie Pierce. She was in fact survived by  her daughter and family and nephew Patrick's son John who lives in Amarillo TX. Bill Crew sent my Dad JL Pierce in Spearman her obituary info and he had it published in the Spearman Reporter last week (3rd week of January 2002)


      History and Biography of Bill and Mary Lee (nee Dacus) Crew
Not all scanning errors are corrected yet-LD Jan 25 2002

Introduction and Eulogy by Editor LD Pierce
Editors note:  Mary Lee Crew was very dear to my heart.  I did not grow up know her very well
but got acquainted with her thoroughly in the 1980's when her mother (my Aunt Susie Pierce Dacus)
passed away.  I was very very close to Aunt Susie and was going back and forth from Spearman TX
to Lubbock Texas during my college years (1972-1978).  I visited with Aunt Susie many many times.
By this time my Grandfather LD Pierce had died and there was only Aunt Susie and Uncle Allen Pierce left.
Aunt Susie was very kind to me and treated me very special!!  I helped Aunt Susie get her poetry book ready for publication, and we talked some about the pierce family tree but not much. I met Mary Lee and Bill Crew at Aunt Susie's funeral.  In the 1980's I visited her and Bill several times with my girl friend and co-worker Joan Carol Gianattasio at their fantastic house on the golf course north of Houston in the Exclusive suburb called the Woodlands.   In 1995 after my Mom Juanita Pierce died  I had finally begun the pierce genealogy quest shortly before she died.  As i got started the only relative really excited about my findings and my Pierce Book was MARY LEE CREW!! We talked countless times by telephone and corresponded via email.  In Spring of 2000 (or 2001) she sent me this new history of her family by email and by us postal letter to my dad's house in spearman TX.  At the same time her daughter Mava submitted a history and biography of her family (which I cannot find at this time) My original intent was the get both these stories in the Pierce book along with Uncle Bobby Jack's story (and a few new things about the Wilbanks) and to put out a new edition of the Pierce Genealogy Book.  However that did not happen before her illness got much worse.( and in that time I moved from Dallas To Oklahoma and was out of town 2 entire summers.)  In the Spring of 2001 Mary Lee sent me all her important old family photos that belonged to her mom- My Aunt Susie.  I computerized and digitized these they they are on this website. These photos are very important to me and I am glad Mary Lee insisted I scan and copy them. the photos of Cat Head pierce and also the cowboy photo of Uncle Allen Pierce and "Mutt" Dacus (Mary lee's father) is incredible!!! Many of the other photos were very important additions to the pierce photo genealogy.  Mary Lee's last phone call to me was in November 2001-I was working in Dallas TX for two months.  I had forgotten to return her call for a few days and when I did call I did not get an answer.  My dad called Dec 2 or 3rd and Bill Crew Called about the same time to let me know her illness has progressed very bad- and that she was in a coma and not expected to live. I will miss  her very much . I  was always encouraged by her EXCITEMENT about my genealogy work.  I hope to get all the new genealogy data in the Pierce book and a new edition out soon.  My next edition will be dedicated to her!! LD Pierce January 25 2002

History and Biography of Bill and Mary Lee (nee Dacus) Crew
Not all scanning errors are corrected yet-LD Jan 25 2002

 I Mary Lee Dacus was bom March 21,1925, in Amarillo,Texas to Susie Pierce Dacus and Henry Dawson Dacus. We lived  in Amarillo for several years before moving to Panhandle, Texas, where my sister Patsy Ruth Dacus was bom m December 8, 1927. A year later we moved to Spearman, Texas where my father began farming but
soon gave that up to go to work for kW. Morton's Ford dealership. I entered first grade at Spearman Elemetary School in 1931 and graduated from Spearman High School in May 1942. In high school lwas very active in the Home Economics Club of Texas and served as its president in my senior year' In that capacity I was privileged to make a trip to Dallas with Miss Hughes, my Home Economics teacher  We made the trip by train, stayed at Adolphos Hoteltoured the Neiman Marcus Department Store and even went to a night club for dinner and a floor show. It was a memorable and thrilling experience for a young&I from a small town in the Texas panhandle.

    I entered Eastern New Mexico College, Portales New Mexico, in June 1942, majoring in Home Economics
with plans to become a teacher in that subject. In the Fall of 1943 1 transferred to West Texas State College
in Canyon, Texas and graduated from there in May of 1945 with a Bachelor of Science degree.All of my
undergraduate w(wk was done, of course, during the World War 11 years. I enjoyed college very much and
belonged to sororities at both schools. In February 1945, at one of our college Saturday night dances, I met
Lt. William L. Crew, a pilot stationed at Amarillo Army Air Base. His home was in St. Albans, New
York.We fell in- love and were married June 1, 1945 in Denver, Colorado. Bill had been transferred there to
Lowery Army Air Field for more training to fly B29 airplanes. The wedding took place only a fewdays
following my college graduation but my mother went with me on the train to Denver and planned all the
arrangements. During war times, plans and schedules were much more condensed thal%during normal times.
Bill and I lived off the base in a small rented apartment in a nice private home until he was transferred to
Maxwell Arin-y Air Base in Montgomery Alabama and then to Lincoln, Nebraska whwe he and his crew
were to pick up a new B29 and fly to the Pacific. However, the war ended on the day they arrived in
Lincoln and they were never sent over. We lived in Lincoln in rented quarters for three months until Bill
was discharged in November 1945. After a 4i%t visit to Texas to see my parents and other relatives, we
moved to St. Albans to live temporarily with Bill's parents.
        In February 19469 Bill entered Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York, located in the north central part of
the state. Within two weeks I was fortunate to land a position as Home Economics teacher at the high
school in Westmoreland N.Y. a small town about five miles from the college. I continued to teach there
until Bill graduated with a BA degre in June 1949. During those years we enjoyed many cultural and social
activities at the college. Bill earned 9 varsity letters in hockeybaseball and football and was the hockey
team captain. He received the Sellers Award for Hockey NWP in his senior year. Hamilton then was a
private small college for men only. Today it has become cood but remains small and private with its high
scholastic rating intact. We both have many fond memories of our evly mwied years living in apartments
provided for us on the beautiful college campus.
        Upon Bill's graduation, we moved to Colorado Springs where he entered Colorado College as a graduate
student preparing for a career in teaching and coaching. I obtained a job as a substitute teacher in Manitou
Springs, a small town nearby. I was offered a permanent position for the following year but could not
accept it because I had to go to Amarillo to help my family cope with my sister Patsy's illness. She had
married in 1948 and gave birth to her son George Patrick Admnehak on Dec. 16, 1949. However, while the
baby was completely healthy, Patsy did not recover. She died Jan. 29, 1950. Bill and I drove to Amarillo as
soon as we learned Patsy was ill and while I stayed on he had to return to complete the semester. He then
joined us and we all did what we could to help Patsy and take care of the baby and husband. Bill worked as
manager of two Dairy Queen stores and continued his graduate studies at West Texas State at night.
In the Fall of 1950 we decided to return to Clinton, N.Y. to explore teaching opportunities in that area. Bill
quickly landed a position coaching and teaching in a small college, Mohawk Technical Institute, which was
part of the University of New York State. I began working as a substitute teacher at Westmoreland High
School where I had previously taught. They offered me a permanent position for the following year but we
were expecting a child and I could not accept it. Out daughter Mava Johann, was bom January 14,1952. In
October 1953 wedecided to move to California where Bill would seek business opportunities. His parents
had retired and moved to Culver City, California in 1948. Bill soon landed a job with Hardware Mutual
Insurance Co. In early 1954 he took a position with ]3endix Corporation's Zenith Carburetor Div. as a sales
and service representative covering all the stateson the West Coast. Later that year we bought our first
house, in Hawthorne, Calif I gained a position as Home Economics teacher at Yukon Intermediate in 1958,
the same year that Mava entered Elementary school. In 1961 Bill began working for Ford Motor Company
as District Manager of the Los Angeles District for their Ford Parts Division. Later that year we bought a
beautiful old Spanish style house in Palos Verdes, Calif I spent a great deal of effort in remodeling the
house which was very close to the Pacific Ocean. However, we were not destined to stay there long for in
1962 Bill was appointed to the position of Training Manager of the Ford Parts Div. and transferred to their
headquarters in Wixom, Michigan, near Detroit. I secured a position as Home Economics teacher at
Barnum Junior High in Bkningham, Michigan. Mava entered the Bloomfield Hills schools. In 1963 we
purchased a stately old home m Pine Lake in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
        After Bill began working for Ford we were transferred many times. During that almost 25 years, we lived
in and owned homes in California[twicel, Michigan[twirel, Washington State, Minnesota, Texas. In 1965
we were transferred back to California and from that point on I did not,teach again. While we were in
Washington , Mava entered Redmond High School and graduated in 1970. She entered Washington State
University in 197,0 as we were being transferred to Minnesota. In her senior year she married Daniel
Riehle, a student preparing for an agricultural degree. They graduated together with Bachelor Degrees in
June 1974. We Lived in Edina, Minnesota for two years while Bill was manager of that district. In 1972 we
moved back t@o Bloomfield, Nfichgan when Bill was promow to Merchandising Manager for Ford. In 1975
we were transfmcd at our request tD Houston, Texas whffe Bill took over the management of that district.
          We were very happy to be back in my hwne state of Texas, and nearer to my mother, who was in poor
health. We lived in Kingwood a town about 25 miles outside Houston.
From 1978 through 1983 1 worked as a real estate agent for Remax Realty in KingwoA Texas. This was a
very rewarding experience and I was proud to be recognized as one of the most successful agents in that
area. In August 1983 Bill was offered a position as Executive Vice President and COOof Calsonic, Inc. a
auto parts manufacturer in Southern California, owned by a Japanese company. He took early retirement
from Ford and went to California to run Calsonic, while I stayed @on in Texas to close out my business and
sell our home. We moved into our newly purchased home in Mission Viejo, California in Dec. 1983.
During Bill's seven years with that company he made many trips to Japan and on two occasions we were
given VIP trips to Tokyo with side visits to the cities of Kyoyo, Nara and several resort areas. We played
golf with the Chairman of the compay and his wife at their country club, had professional guides with
limousines on our tours and rode the bullet trains. The hotels and Japanese hms were outstanding and the
gracious hospitality afforded us by the company made us very comfortable in that exotic country.
I worked as a real estate agent in Mission Viejo from 1984 through 1986 and from that point on I
concentrated on Golf, Bridge and other interests. During the years Bill worked for Ford and Calsonic we
did a great deal @of traveling, both business connected and for pleasure. We enjoyed trips to England,
Scotland, Paris, Rome, Monte Carlo, Switzerland, Mexico and Canada. We traveled through most of the
United States and lived in many of them. Bill retired from Calsmic in 1990 and we remained in Mission
Viejo until 1994 when we moved to Horseshoe Bay, Texas where we once owned a vacation condo. It is a
beautiful retirement community in the IEII Country on lake LBJ, about 50 miles west of Austin. We lived
there until 1996 but had to leave because I came down with a very severe case of Cedar fever, an allergy
that is unique to that area and is resistant to all remedies. We moved in August 1996 back to Mission Viejo
and purchased a new home in an over-55 community. We are 5 minutes from Lake Mission Viejo and only
15 minutes from the Pacific ocean. The weather is great and we have many activities for seniors. We are
blessed with a wonderful daughter, Mava and her husband Dan, and grandsons Peter, Jeremy and Nathan..
        Written byMary Lee Dacus Crew March 2001
        Mary Lee Passed away due to Leukemia Dec 6 2001 and was buried Dec 13,2001
        in Washington close to her daughter Mava.

Excerpt: The Hanford County Reporter Dec. 20 2001
Among the Neighbors by Helen Fisher

Word comes to Sybil and Billy Miller of the passing of former Spearman Classmate Mary Lee Dacus Crew, after a long illness. Services were at Mission Viejo Calif. She is the last of the Leo Dacus Family a prominent  family here for years. (Editor Ld Pierce notes no mention of Susie Pierce connection. She was survived by  her daughter and family and nephew Patrick's son John who lives in Amarillo Tx.)



Her Father "Mutt Dacus"

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